Mitch Townsend

Here’s a bit of Mitch’s Corvette passion:

          There were a couple of Corvettes in the neighborhood growing up, delivering newspapers, I started to take notice.  Specifically, a ‘62 C1 and a ‘65 C2, started my passion, dreaming someday I would like to own one.

          As life went on, some 40 years later, the opportunity presented itself. I purchased my first ‘06 C6 Black Coupe from 3 Way Chevrolet.  I joined COB immediately, (3) term VP, (3) term President.

          As I wasn’t all together sure I liked the C7, news about the C8 started rumbling and I was bound and determined to get on the list for a new order. Although quite a wait after ordering, it was sure worth the wait.

          Will be considering the Z06 as it becomes available.

I hope everyone enjoys learning a little something about Mitch.  A big thanks to Mitch for providing the information and pictures, and a big thanks to Mitch for his service as VP and President of COB!!!!!

Chris Espitia and Liz Zaninovich

This is Chris’s special day!! The day HIS baby came home. He’s always wanted a corvette since High school. He came close in 1986 but children came into the picture and another disappointing postponement in his dream. Seeing the C7 the first time in 2014 this was going to be HIS car and 4 yrs later she came home. He is forever washing, waxing and polishing. I’m surprise she still has paint. We love going for a drive with or without any destination just spending time together and with our COB family. Can’t wait till we roll again.