Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

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Board of Directors Meeting

10/1/19 at Lorene’s on 23rd St.

Call to order:  5:59 PM by President Larry Young

Present:     Larry Young, Bill Dean, Dave Kielty, Virgil & Kim Miller, Betsy Slauson, Danny Ellison, Carl Lange and Liz Zaninovich

Absent:       Adrian Medina.

Guests:       Chris Espitia and Linda McNitt.

Minutes:     Liz moved to approve minutes from the last BOD meeting. Betsy seconded.  Motion passed.

Veterans Parade:  Are we going to participate?  We will wait until the general meeting to hear from Tony Ennis before making a decision.

NCCC:         Linda McNitt is our new NCCC governor.  Linda and Greg Brott have plans to get together on Thursday to discuss the role.  Larry shared his experience at the 9/14/2019 meeting.

Christmas Party – This year’s event will be held on 12/7/2019.  Dues to our insurance, the club cannot provide liquor to the members.  Larry advised that we have hired Jason Brower of Party Brokers to serve alcohol at the party.  He has insurance and a liquor license and meets NCCC requirements.

Veterans Charity Car Show:  Virgil advised that logistics-wise we are on track.  At this point, there has not been very many entries.  Virgil contacted Yolanda Atkinson regarding t-shirts.  She said she needs 2-1/2 weeks notice along with the number of shirts and sizes in order to place our order.

Christmas Parade:  No corvettes this year.

By-laws:     Kim Miller spoke to Zelma regarding the possibility of amending the 501(c)3 bylaws to align the length of terms for officers.  Zelma said it only had to be approved by the executive board and documented in the meeting minutes.  General membership does not need to be a part of this.

                   Further discussion ensued amongst the board members suggesting that the term of the Treasurer should be a two-year term while the other officers could remain at a one-year term.  Kim said she would put together a couple options for the board to consider and get it to Larry as soon as possible.

Financial Report:  Larry passed out the report (Carl had to leave early).  Between the two accounts, we have $25,547.99.

Membership:  We recently lost a member, Steven Mathias Jr.  There will be a wake on 10/6/2019 at The Firehouse on White Ln.  It has been requested to have some corvettes there.

                   Larry would like to see one specific person (director) be responsible for taking care of cards, flowers, etc. when there is an occasion such as this.  Betsy will order flowers tomorrow.  Also, as an update, Barbara Compton is doing better, per Larry.

Adjourn:     7:11 PM