Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting


10/2/2018 at Lorene’s on 23rd St.


6:05PM  Meeting called to order.


Present:  Bob Vella, Greg Brott, Dick Compton, Virgil & Kim Miller, Don & Betsy Slauson, and Danny Ellison.


Absent:  Carl Lange and Larry Young


By-laws – Discussion about the new by-laws ensued, specifically the following:

Article 2 Section 5 – Place of Meeting.  Next meeting to be stated at the end of the agenda.

Section 7 – Annual Report.  What is the report to include?  Who is to prepare the report?  These need to be clarified and included in the by-laws.

Section 10 –  Quorum.  A quorum shall consist of a majority or the board of directors, or five of the nine members.

          Article 4 Section 2 – Term of Officer.  Change to one (1) year.  Each position should be defined.

Article 6, Section 2 – Checks and Notes.  Change the language to include electronic checks.  Two signatures should still be required when the amount is over $3,000, otherwise one signature is sufficient.


Charity Liaison – Suggestion and discussion about adding a new board position to deal with public relations.  Subject will be presented at the General Meeting next week.


Payless Storage – Carl can’t get a copy of contract from the storage company without Ed Combs’ signature.


Brunch of Corvettes – To be held on October 28, 2018 at KC Steakhouse.  Betsy moved to have the club pay for security, Greg seconded the motion, motion passed.


Christmas Party – It was decided to keep the member cost of the event at $35 per person.  Greg moved  that the club pick up whatever the difference is between member income and the expense for the event, Dick seconded  the motion, motion passed.


Refund Policy – Virgil wrote up and shared a paragraph regarding club refunds.  It was suggested that the verbiage be added to the club’s forms in the future.  An electronic copy of the verbiage will be sent to the board of directors. It reads as follows:


Event Refund Policy


To be considered for a full refund, your refund request must be submitted in writing prior to the event’s registration deadline. Refund request received after the deadline has passed may only be considered for a partial refund, as our club makes commitments with event vendors. All refunds are at organizer’s discretion as to whether any refund may be issued.


No Refunds


We do not grant refunds for this event. You can still contact the organizer with questions.



Wine Run –  Thirty-two (32) people have signed up and we are looking forward to a good time.


Treasure Report – provided by Bob in Carl’s place.


Survey Monkey – Greg suggested and volunteered to put out a Survey Monkey under the President’s name to past members who did not renew their membership to ascertain the reason for not renewing.


Veteran’s Day Parade – Talked to Tony Ennis on the phone.  The club is signed up for the parade and there will be further discussion at the General Membership meeting.


Resignation – Greg Brott presented his resignation from the Board of Directors effective 12/31/2018.


Meeting adjourned at 7:48 PM.