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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

11/5/19 at Lorene’s on 23rd St.

Call to order:  6:00 PM by President Larry Young

Present:     Larry Young, Bill Dean, Dave Kielty, Virgil & Kim Miller, Adrian Medina, Danny Ellison and Liz Zaninovich

Absent:       Betsy Slauson and Carl Lange

Guests:       Chris Espitia and Linda McNitt.

Minutes:     Liz moved to approve minutes from the last BOD meeting. Bill Dean requested to amend the minutes to reflect that the Christmas Party will be on 12/14/2019.  Bill Dean seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Finances:    Carl, via Larry, wants to create a third account for donations.  Subject is on hold until the next meeting.

Veterans Parade:  We are 49th in the parade.  The route has been shortened.  It will probably be 11:00 before we line up.  Meet at 9:00am.

Bylaw Amendment:  Voted 3-2 to go to 1-year terms across the board.

Christmas Party:  We are now dealing with Elements Venue and Banquet Centre, Inc for all beverages.  Cost:  $595 for set up and to furnish all beverages.  Members will pay for their drinks at the party.  We to pay the $595 set up fee still.

Bakersfield Car Club Council, Inc.:  Danny and Larry met with Chris, Betty and Larry of the BCCC.  In 2020, Street and Super Cruze will not have conflicting dates, however, all future years will conflict.  BCCC promote three shows, the Super Cruze, Chuey’s and Reason for a Cure.  The BCCC is not a car club, but a Council of Clubs.  Do we want to get back with the BCCC?  A lot of discussion followed.  Membership has already voted NO.  We’ll stick with that and stay neutral.

Gambler’s Classic:  A group of members was approached at a recent event in Prescott, AZ regarding the future of Gambler’s Classic.  The event has been missed by other clubs.  There was a lot of discussion.  We will take this back to the membership again.

Club Logo:    It was suggested, that with the advent of the C8, we create a timeless logo for the club.  Larry handed a sample to Virgil and put him in the lead of the subject.  Suggestion was made to put an incentive out to club members to come up with a new logo ($50 or $100).  Bill will present this at the general meeting, offering $100.

Storage Shed:    Danny and Larry went over there and said it was filled STUFF.  In January, they’d like to get everyone together that has put STUFF in the storage unit and go through it and get rid of anything that is not needed.

New Officers:  Nominating Committee is headed by the Vice President.  Need to start thinking about upcoming elections.

Treasurer Report:  Larry shared that there is total of $25,996.89 in both accounts.

                   Linda McNitt present an invoice for the dues, $25.00.  Larry will turn it over to Carl.

                   Liz asked why do we need so much money in our account?  What do we do with it?  Danny explained, in the past, it has been used for seed money for Gambler’s Classic.

Events:   Danny advised that Tim Garcia recently passed away.  There is no will and it is unknown who to get in touch with.  Members will look into it further.

                   1/12/2020  Brunch  will throw out to membership to see who wants to host it

                   11/12/2019 General Membership meeting

                   11/20/2020 Corvette Owners’ Breakfast

                   NO meetings in December

Street of Bakersfield:  Per Dave Kielty, they are going out to Minter Field and have three different events planned.  There will be four (4) days to the event.  Someone from COB has to be at every Street of Bakersfield meeting or they can kick the club out.

Liz shared that there will be a Route 66 carshow/fun run in Kingman, AZ the first weekend in May 2020.

We need to get a Toys for Tots box at the next general meeting.  Linda will handle.

Adjourn:     7:14 PM