Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

5/7/19 at Lorene’s on 23rd St.

Call to order:        6:00 PM by President Vella

Present:     Bob Vella, Larry Young, Virgil & Kim Miller, Dick Compton, Carl Lange, Danny Ellison, John Silliman and Adrian Medina

Absent:       Don & Betsy Slauson

Guest:         Linda McNitt and Cher Silliman

Bakersfield Car Council:  Dale and Trudy Frye have been our liaisons for the last year.  The COB has participated with them.  There is major drama within the BCC.  Bob will submit a letter to the BCC acknowledging the rift and will bring the situation up to the general membership at the next meeting. 

1st VP:         Larry spoke regarding the upcoming elections.  The board reviewed the nominations and Larry will announce them at the next general meeting.  Voting will occur in June and take effect 7/1/2019.  We will ask for volunteers for the vacancies.

2nd VP:        Dick still wishes the club will do a Laughlin run.  Per Bob, the previously used hotel will hold the weekend of April 16-19, 2020 open for a short time.  Need someone to step up to the plate and handle the event.  Linda McNitt has shown interest in coordinating the event, but in 2021 and with moving the event to Las Vegas.

Treasurer:  Carl passed out the report.  He’s still working on establishing two accounts.  It is anticipated that we’ll receive approximately $10,000 from member dues.

Minutes:     Danny moved to approve minutes from last BOD meeting, John seconded.  Motion passed.

Events:       Danny advised that member Linda Combs is asking the club to allow her to speak about One Door Recovery being one of our future charities.  Bob will get back to her.

McNally’s Run raised $500 with 28 participants.  This Saturday, 5/11/2019, there is a run to Visalia.  The run to Santa Paula on 6/2/2019 has been cancelled and Chris Espitia may put on a run the following weekend.

 Danny has opened another Facebook page, My Corvette, for club activities.  This is for members only.

Membership:  There are four new members.

Sgt. At Arms:  John advised that he is anticipating 14 cars to go on the Memorial run.   There was discussion about the 501(c)7 vs the 501(c)3 by-laws.  Bob is to call Zelma to verify if there is a State/Fed law requiring two-year terms for board members.  Is training required or recommended?

Webmaster:  Virgil advised that he has added a Club Classified section to the website.  He also advised our Google listing has the club listed at the old 3-Way  Chevrolet address and phone number of 366-0925.

Vettes 4 Vets – Larry took Virgil to Fastrip to discuss sponsorships.  Donna Ellison got donation of porta potties.  T-shirts will be part of the entry package.  California Pin-Up were contacted.  The want to have Little Miss Corvette contest.  Contestants will do either essays or drawings.  Olive Drab Drivers will help with anything we need, the day of the event, as long as they can bring their vehicles for free. 

Virgil reminded the board that we need to start following Roberts Rules of Order and would like to get the new board in line with the process.

Next Meeting:  Bob Vella is providing the refreshments and Dale Frye is signed up for the prizes.

Adjourn:     7:33 PM

Minutes provided by Club Secretary, Kim Miller