Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

7/2/19 at Black Angus on Rosedale Hwy

Call to order:        5:55 PM by President Larry Young

Present:     Larry Young, Bill Dean, Dave Kielty, Virgil & Kim Miller, Betsy Slauson, Danny Ellison, Carl Lange and Adrian Medina

Guests:       Bob Vella, John and Cher Silliman, Chris and Liz Espitia, and Linda McNitt

Membership:  Carl advised that dues have been received and twelve couples and 2 singles have been added to the membership.

Events:       Danny has agreed to remain as coordinator.  Virgil made a motion to appoint Danny as the Events Coordinator.  Betsy seconded.  Motion passed.

Minutes:     Danny moved to approve minutes from last BOD meeting, Bill seconded.  Motion passed.

Webmaster:  Virgil requested that new board members wear their red club shirts to the next board meeting, and he will take pictures.  Virgil also advised that he has been visiting businesses, spreading the word and passing out flyers for the upcoming Vettes For Vets carshow.

Bakersfield Car Club Council:  Bob went to the car show at the museum and saw Chris Addington.  Chris basically offered an “olive branch” to Corvettes of Bakersfield over the recent activity that has taken place.  Larry will take the information to the General Membership and Bob will invite Chris Addington to the next board meeting.

Vice-President:  Bill shared “Old Cars and Motorsports” newspaper.  He said we need to get our November car show in it.  Virgil took information from the paper and will make contact.  Bill also advised that we are not in the “Blue Book” and we need to try to get into it.  Additionally, Linda said we were listed as a member club of the Western States Corvette Council.

Public Relations:  Position is still open.  Any volunteers? Still open.

Gamblers’ Classic 2020 – Is there any interest?  Too close to Vettes For Vets in November 2019 to be able to pull off successfully.  No interest currently.

Treasurer:  Carl passed out the Treasurer’s report indicating $19,676.09 for both accounts.

Miscellaneous:  Liz advised there are 50-100 students from Stockdale High School that we can tap to use as volunteers for the car show.

Discussion about moving away from NCCC.  It’s an inconvenience to send notifications of all activities via email and U.S. Mail to them.  Their rules prevent spontaneous events from occurring and still be covered.

Linda would like to see a planning meeting before January.  Danny advised there is already a planning committee and he will see about getting them together before January.

We need to put a budget committee together.  Virgil will share his Vettes For Vets budget with the new board.

Virgil shared a new pop-up banner with the Corvettes of Bakersfield logo, email address and Three-Way Chevrolet logo on it.  The cost was approximately $40 plus tax and shipping.  Virgil motioned to buy two more banners for club events.  Larry seconded.  Motion passed.  Virgil will order them.

Adjourn:     7:19 PM

Provided by Kim Miller, Club Secretary