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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

01/07/2020 at Lorene’s on 23rd St.

Call to order:  5:55 PM by President Larry Young

Present:     Larry Young, Bill Dean, Dave Kielty, Virgil Miller, Adrian Medina, Danny Ellison, Liz Zaninovich, Betsy Slauson, and Carl Lange.

Absent:       Kim Miller.

Guests:       Linda McNitt.

Minutes:     Liz moved to approve minutes from the last BOD meeting. Adrian seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Finances:    Carl passed out the Treasurer’s report. Total of $25,349.99. Carl will open an additional checking account at Kern Schools Federal Credit Union to use for all 501(c)(3) monies.

Christmas Party 2020:   We are looking for a new location for the 2020 club Christmas Party. Larry will look into a friend’s hanger at the Shafter Airport. Danny will talk to River Lakes Golf Course.

Events Chairperson:      Danny is looking for someone to take over the PowerPoint presentations for the general meetings. Danny will continue if needed for the rest of his elected term.

Storage Unit:    Larry set a date of Saturday, January 25th, at 10:00 am to clean up and organize the club’s storage unit. Larry is looking for volunteers.

Club Logo:    Bill reported no one has submitted any logo ideas.  Bill will remind everyone at the general meeting that there is a $100 prize for the logo that is chosen. Bill will give it one more month.

Bakersfield Car Club Council, Inc.:  Larry reported to Chris and Betty of the BCCC that COB wished to remain neutral at this time. The BCCC agreed and have continued to send Larry their monthly schedule.

Street of Bakersfield:  Dave Kielty reported the Streets of Bakersfield will be a 5-day event. Wednesday – Motor City will sponsor a party at Motor City. Thursday – Registration and Crystal Palace . Friday – Driving Events and sock hop at Minter Field. Saturday – car show. Sunday – Time trials at Minter Field. COB is still marking parking spaces for the car show, volunteers needed.

Gambler’s Classic 2021:  We still are receiving requests and inquiries for Gambler’s Classic. We will present this back to the membership again.

Monthly Refreshments and prizes:  We only have a couple openings for the year to fill.

Events:       SLO Vettes would like to participate in our annual wine run. They have been referred to Tony and Chevy for further discussion.

C8 Update: Carl indicated that GM was to start making the new corvettes the first part of February. Carl is expecting his C8 delivery around mid-year.

NCCC:         The club’s NCCC dues have been paid.

Board Officers:     Bill took a poll of current board members as to if they were planning on running for another term.

Adjourn:     6:45 PM