Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting


8/7/2018 at Lorene’s on 23rd St.


18:17  Meeting called to order

Present:  Bob Vella, Larry Young, Dick Compton, Virgil & Kim Miller, Don & Betsy Slauson, and Danny Ellison.

Absent:  Adrian Medina, Carl Lange and Greg Brott


Membership – Bob gave Betsy a stack of new membership applications.  Betsy gave Bob a list of those that have not renewed their membership.  Bob will contact each of them and find out their reasoning.  It was suggested that the by-laws be reviewed for the rules on late membership and make any needed revisions.  Eleven (11) new members have joined since last month.


Ventura Run – Looking at the pre-signups, it looks like there is going to be a good turnout.


Treasurer’s Report – on hold until Carl returns.


Hold off on donations until Bob talks to Zelma to find out the status of the 501(C)3.


Bob requested that Carl have access to WordPress.  Virgil will take care of it.


The windshield stickers have been received and will be given out, two to each renewing member.  After that, there will be a nominal charge of $1 each.


2019 Show – Are we going to produce any type of car show in 2019?  After discussion, it was decided that we can’t move forward on this until the 501(C)3 status is in place.


Club Gathering – Virgil and Greg (in abstancia) brought up the idea of having an event with as many members, and their vehicles, as possible to take a group photo, possibly using a drone.  Hart Park in October was suggested.  There was discussion but nothing definitive was established.


Newsletter – Bylaws state that we have one.  What happened?  Some said Adrian is not aware that he is a board member.  A past newsletter was reviewed and Betsy showed the board one from the Orange County club.  Both were nicely done and work intensive.  Bob will speak with Adrian about the future of a newsletter.  No action at this time.


Bylaws – Zelma is working on an update of our bylaws in addition to an additional set of bylaws for the 501(C)3 arm of our status.


Bob called Zelma at 19:14 and put her on speaker phone.  She advised the filing won’t be ready by October to do the usual donations to public charities.  She suggested that we set some of our moneys aside now for donations.  Articles of Incorporation will take at least a month to establish.


Bob asked Zelma to attend the general meeting on Tuesday, 8/14/2018, to address any concerns the membership may have regarding the 501(C)7 and 501(C)3 statuses.  She will be there at 19:00.


Meeting adjourned at 19:30.