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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

02/04/2020 at Lorene’s on 23rd St.

Call to order:  6:01 PM by President Larry Young

Present:     Larry Young, Bill Dean, Dave Kielty, Virgil & Kim Miller, Danny Ellison, Liz Zaninovich, Betsy Slauson, and Carl Lange.

Absent:       Adrian Medina.

Guests:       Linda McNitt and Chris Espitia.

Minutes:     Dave moved to approve minutes from the last BOD meeting. Carl seconded the motion. Motion passed.

NCCC Governor:  Linda McNitt has decided that she would like to continue as the club’s NCCC Governor.  Larry accepted her offer.

Monthly Meetings:    Larry advised that Three-Way Chevrolet is having employee training for the next couple months (maybe three) and the meeting room won’t be available.  Those signed up for refreshments won’t need to bring them.  If you are signed up to bring raffle prizes, please plan on bringing them.  We will meet at Round Table Pizza at Gosford Rd/White Ln.

Club Logo:    Bill has received eight proposed designs and will stop taking submissions next month.  Vote will be in March.  Virgil will post them on the website and give the link to Adrian to post on Facebook.

Street of Bakersfield:  Carl advised we have nine tickets that need to be sold for $50 each.  We also need a chalk team of five people for 3/20 and 3/21/2020.  Danny will make a sign-up sheet  to pass around at the general meeting.  Two COB members are needed for the Saturday Cruise, 3/21, after the show.  This will be put out to the general membership on Tuesday also.

Gambler’s Classic 2021:  Are we going to pursue this?  This will be put on the agenda for the General Membership meeting.

Impromptu Events – If the events are going under the Corvettes of Bakersfield  name, the president needs to be “in the know”.

Nominations:  Bill sent out a letter and job descriptions to the membership.

Larry is having surgery 3/11/2020 and will be out of commission for a couple weeks.

New Business:  Linda McNitt presented meeting results from the last NCCC meeting.  NCCC only want a calendar of events from clubs.  To and from meetings (Board and General) and events are covered as long as they are on the calendar.  The next NCCC quarterly meeting is in Ventura the second weekend in May.  Linda suggested that if we put a run together for the Ventura area that weekend, the NCCC meeting could be an option for attendance for anyone going on the run.

Adjourn:     7:10 PM