Last night, June 21, 2019 was the Summer Solstice event established by Don and Betsy Slauson. Don & Betsy are former members of the Orange County Corvette club and brought along this yearly celebration with them when they moved and joined the Corvettes of Bakersfield. We were blessed with an ideal (for Bakersfield) 90° weather. Normally we suffer over 100° by this time. We had an impressive turn out of 29 Corvettes and Corvette camaraderie was rampant. The Habit Burger Grill and the Pizza Press agreed to help us in a fundraiser by giving us 20% of their proceeds when somebody submits a flyer or mentions ‘Corvettes of Bakersfield’ when paying for their food.  It’s always great to have a large group of Corvettes parked together for the public to see. Many a child will forever remember sitting on the seat in a Corvette. Thank you to all who have participated and brought their families to this event.

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