Much thanks to John and Cher for putting on a great run to Ventura and Camarillo. Our adventure began with a pitstop at the Santa Barbara Pistachio company on 3380 Hiway 33 in Ventucopa. The Santa Barbara Pistachio Company is well known as “the Original Home of the Flavored Pistachio”. The naturally tree ripened organic pistachios are grown in Santa Barbara County in a farm solely owned by the Zannon family. This wonderful little business had the best tasting flavored pistachios.

As we proceeded on our way to Ojai, an incident happen to one of our fellow travelers. Stephan and Rachel, prospective members of COB, ran over a rock and bent their oil filter leaking oil all over the road. Not a very good memory too have on their first run. Fearing their oil pan was cracked, they called a tow truck and were towed back to Bakersfield. Thankfully, it was a minor fix and they proceeded to become full-fledged members of Corvettes of Bakersfield.

The rest of the gang proceeded to Ventura to the Aloha Steakhouse right on the Ventura Pier. The service was outstanding and the food… delicious! A funny incident occurred when we were enjoying our meal in that there was a rumor that a man was sitting on the bench observing the ocean in the nude. After much debate Tina Pucilowski decided to go out and see for herself if he was, actually, nude. Of course, he wasn’t. He was wearing khaki colored shorts and everybody had a good laugh about it. 

After the meal, some members headed out to the Camarillo Premium Outlet Shopping Center  to look around and shop. Others decided to split up and go sightseeing or visit friends and even spend the night in the Central Coast.

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