Sometimes a spontaneous run can be the best time ever. Such was the case today. Last night Dale Frye called for a run to P-Dubs in Stallion Springs for lunch. Four Corvettes, one SUV and eight club members traveled the back way to Tehachapi enjoying the beautiful lavender wildflowers covering the hill sides. We were treated with a train going around the Tehachapi Loop. As we arrived on the outskirts of Tehachapi we were joined by Jack & Yolanda Atkinson with their cool looking Corvette.

After lunch at P-Dubs we were invited to the Atkinson’s beautiful mountain home overlooking the Tehachapi mountains. We all sat around under the carport visiting and enjoyed ice cream and cake as well as touring their home, show cars and hillside surroundings. It was all quite impressive.  It was a fantastic day and couldn’t have been planned any better. Thank you Dale for suggesting this run and thank you Yolanda and Jack for being such a gracious hosts at your home.

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