We had another great run today through the scenic roads and curves leading up to Glenville, California, through Lake Isabella and ending up at Rosemary‘s Creamery in Bakersfield. .

Glenville is a small, tiny community 30 miles north east of Bakersfield in the Greenhorn Mountain foothills, a part of the Sierra Nevada. 18 Corvettes (later joined by one more Corvette owner who is the nephew of the Greenhorn Grill’s owner) made a short pit stop at the Hiway 155 Market and Café where we met the friendliest people; the owners Edwin and Kristine. We got to sample some of their barbecue and boy was it delicious. This place is a definite ‘must stop’ for a meal in one of our future runs.

On we went up the road and over the summit to an area where we pulled over to take pictures of the beautiful countryside as a backdrop for our Corvettes. From there we headed to Lino‘s Greenhorn Grill where we met the wonderful and friendly owners, Lino and Francis and where the waitresses were outstanding and so outgoing. We had a great meal there from a full menu of steaks, tacos, sandwiches and salads and much more. What a great place to eat. Congratulations to Melanie for winning our raffle prize.

Coming down the mountain from the over 3000 foot level, we had a problem with one of the member’s older Vette overheating the brakes. As we waited for help, the rest of the members went on to Rosemary‘s Creamery in Bakersfield to enjoy some ice cream made on the premises. That was a wonderful, cool way to end a very hot day.

For more pictures, Click on this link:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/158760832@N02/albums/72157709628749201