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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

6/13/2020 at Beech Park 3400 21st St

52 members in attendance. 

2 Guests

27 Corvettes

10:08 A.M.  Meeting called to order by President Larry Young.  Larry welcomed everyone  and thanked our sponsor, Three Way Chevrolet, for their support.

Flag Salute: Led by Dave Kielty.  Flag was brought by Rod and Bev Hayden.

Guests: Tom Gibson with son, Rob Gibson.  Tom is a past member.  He has a 1978, a 1986 and a 2012 corvette.  Good to see you and hope you join the club again.

Dick Compton and the Haydens were here today.  First time we have seen them in quite a while.  Welcome!

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Several June birthdays were acknowledged.

Minutes:  Henry Gallego motioned to approve the March minutes.  Bill Dean made a second.  Motion passed.

Old Business:

Larry Young/President:  We have had a long delay to our meetings.  Missed everyone.

Bill Dean/Vice President:   Three months, no meetings, and everyone looks good.  Glad to see everyone!

Kim Miller/Secretary:   Will be passing the torch tonight.  The past two years have been a learning experience and I’ve met a lot of nice people.

Betsy Slauson/Membership:  Absent.

Carl Lange/Treasurer report – We have $15,084.46 in our operating account and $6,160.39 in the charity account.  We have not received anything from Three-Way Chevrolet since February.  (this was mentioned because several people had asked)

Virgil Miller/Website:  Nothing new.

Public Relations/Liz Zaninovich:  Nothing new.

Sergeant At Arms/Dave Kielty:  Nothing new.  Checked for name tags.

Danny Ellison/Events:  On 6/27/20, we are having a run to the Ponderosa Lodge.  It will be led by Steve Dallons.  Please make sure you sign up before you leave the meeting today if you are interested in going.

Next Wednesday, 6/17/2020, the Corvette Owners’ Breakfast will resume at Links at Riverlakes Ranch.  Meet at 8:00 A.M.  Parking will be available in the front and social distancing will be observed in the club house.

New Business: 

Don Allen was introduced as the club’s National Corvette Museum Ambassador.  He provided an update on what the museum has done to “spruce up” a bit since the pandemic hit.  If you have any questions about the museum, feel free to contact Don.

Bruce Poulson went to pick up his new C8 this morning.  We all congratulate him and look forward to seeing the vehicle.

The Crest Bar and Grill has made their patio available for lunch today, if anyone is interested.  Twenty are interested.  Linda McNitt will let the Crest know to expect them.

Ballots were counted by Roger and Lillian Buckles.  Thank you.  The results are:

President:                        Bill Dean

Vice-President:                 Tony Sparano

Secretary:                        Diane Wallace

Treasurer:                        Carl Lange

Membership Director:        Kim Miller

Events Director:               Ken Stewart

Public Relations:               Liz Zanninovich

Webmaster:                         Virgil Miller

Sergeant At Arm:               Dave Kielty

Newsletter:                          Donnie Hansen

Larry Young thanked everyone for their support and looks forward to being a member of the Corvettes of Bakersfield.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:58 am