Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

8/6/19 at Lorene’s on 23rd St.

Call to order:  5:50 PM by President Larry Young

Present:     Larry Young, Bill Dean, Dave Kielty, Virgil & Kim Miller, Betsy Slauson, Danny Ellison, Carl Lange, Liz Zaninovich and Adrian Medina

Guests:       Linda McNitt and Chris Espitia

Public Relations:  Bill moved to appoint Liz Zaninovich as Public Relations Director.  Adrian seconded.  Motion passed.

Gamblers’ Classic:  Larry advised we have officially released the hotel in Laughlin for Gamblers’ Classic 2020.  An idea was brought up to reach out to the Hard Rock Corporation and look at having a similar event at the new complex that is scheduled to be built off of I-5/99 Hwy.  Bill said he will reach out to the Hard Rock to see what timeframe we are looking at and the procedure we would have to follow.

Streets of Bakersfield:  Carl has 12 prepaid parking spaces reserved for next year’s event.  Please contact him if you are interested.  Corvettes of Bakersfield is scheduled to be placed one block from the grand stands this next time.  Greg Brott is still our liaison.  Dave Kielty has been attending meetings.  The event is scheduled to occur 3/19-3/21/2020.  Larry to do some follow up.

Membership:  There was major, and somewhat contentious, discussion about accepting new members online.  Some felt we should only accept new members after meeting them and the potential member attending a couple of meetings or events.  Others thought that, in this day and age, the younger crowd uses computers for almost everything and that the online process saves time.  Bylaws were referred to where it states that new applicants will become eligible for membership after 60 days from date of application.  Name tags will not be ordered until the prospective member is approved.

There use to be a membership packet that was issued to new members that included, at a minimum, a club sticker, copy of the bylaws and a newsletter.  The membership committee will be working on updating this packet.

Bylaws:       Virgil stated that we need to set up a time to align the two sets of bylaws, (501(c)3  and 501(c)7).  Currently, they have two different timeframe lengths for the officers to hold office and the same set of people hold offices for both, causing conflict.

Also, when we set up the 501(c)3 corporation,  the board was told it was supposed to go thru training.  That never happened.  Do we still need it?  Carl pointed out that the board has a fiduciary responsibility to the club.  Larry and Carl will get together with Zelma and determine what needs to be done and set it up for the board of directors.

Insurance:  WSCC vs NCCC.  Larry advised we can’t do anything until next year because, calendar-wise, we have already passed the open window for this year.  There was major discussion about pursuing a change, headed by Danny.  It was determined that Greg Brott, as our governor for NCCC, needs to encourage NCCC to accept electronic copies of our events vs US mail delivery.  While not confirmed, Betsy said she didn’t think her former southern California club used US mail as the primary means of communication with NCCC.  Maybe there was a communication issue?

Quarterly Audits:  Carl wants an outside auditing firm to do quarterly audits of the club’s books.  He has been in contact with Donna (unknown last name), a bookkeeper, who is willing to do it for no cost to the club.  There were no objections.

Committees:  Per the bylaws, with the recent change of officers and board of directors, some of our defined committees need to re-establish members.  At the direction of Larry, the current committees will consist of the following:

                   Executive Committee –  President Larry Young, Vice-President Bill Dean, Secretary Kim Miller

                   Nomination CommitteePresident Larry Young, Vice-President Bill Dean, Director Danny Ellison

                   Membership CommitteeMembership Chairperson Betsy Slauson and Secretary Kim Miller

National Corvette Museum:  Carl moved that we join this “quality organization”.  The cost would be $250 to join and $150 annual renewal.  We would get access to their national magazine and could advertise, at a cost, in it.  Danny seconded the motion.  After discussion, it was decided this issue needs to be taken to the membership and will be put on the next agenda.

Vettes for Vets:  Virgil handed out a copy of the budget for the car show.  Twenty rooms have been blocked at The TownePlace Suites by Marriott for our out of town guests.  A $30/night savings will be extended to those participating in the Veterans Charity Car Show. The block of rooms and the rate will be held until 10/11/2019.

It was asked if the car show was sanctioned through NCCC, or if it needed to be.  Virgil will talk to Greg.

Events:       Danny passed out a Calendar of Events for 2020.  He requested everyone look it over and volunteer for openings.

Liz wants to pursue a local membership run, take pictures of cars, license plate numbers and members, so members can be identified via their car when on runs.  Liz’s idea is to do pictures out at Hart Park, then maybe drive out to Nickel’s Ranch out towards Rio Bravo and then back to Bakersfield via Moo’s Creamery.  More to follow.

Minutes:     Carl moved to approve minutes from the last BOD meeting, Betsy seconded.  Motion passed.

Wish to thank Yolanda Atkinson for the C8 reveal tickets she obtained from WSCC and shared with club members.

Adjourn:     7:41 PM