COB Members Meeting – June 11, 2019

COB Members Meeting – June 11, 2019

In tonights meeting we gave tribute to our fallen club member and a member’s daughter. After the flag salute we had a rousing meeting where we introduced new members and discussed our upcoming car show in November. Other topics included our upcoming runs and events such as the Summer Solstice Celebration at The Habit on Brimhall and Allen Road where 20% of the proceeds between 5 and 9 PM will go to our coffers for charities. We encourage everyone to download a flyer which will be posted soon and/or mention Corvettes of Bakersfield to qualify for us getting the 20% portion of the proceeds. Our next run in July 13 will be to Greenhorn mountain. 

Prize winners are Kathy G., Henry G., Bill F., Michael R., Liz Z., Greg B. and Myna S. with the recipient of Myna’s prize being Deacon, the dog. Thanks to Dale f. and Annie B. for supplying the snacks, Greg and Carol B. for supplying the wine and gift cards and Bob V. of for supplying the pet products. For more pictures, click on this link:

Firehouse Rosedale Station Cruise-In – June 7, 2019

Firehouse Rosedale Station Cruise-In – June 7, 2019

Bakersfield‘s newest Cruise-in location is at the Firehouse Grill Rosedale Station at 2905 Calloway Drive every Friday between 6 and 12 PM. The brainchild of the new Common Ground Car Club, this location has ample parking and a great backdrop for showcasing our vintage and show cars. Also a big plus is the great food, a multitude of TV screens to watch current sporting events and lots of pool tables and games to entertain one’s self. The bar has a great selection of spirits for those who are thirsty for something exciting.

Amongst all the other Corvettes that showed up we had seven members bring their cars, everything from a 1952 C1 to a current year C7. The highlight of the evening was when COB members, John and Cher, brought their vintage fire truck, a 1948 Mack 95LS and their Dalmatian named Xera. What a great sight to see them going down the road. One great big advantage of having the fire truck in the show was that we were able to sit in the shade it provided. A few of the members were fortunate to take a short ride to position it in front of the firehouse for a photo op. Many thanks to Liz and Chris who bought us several pizza boxes full of small Mexican tacos and some ice tea.They were delicious! It was a great evening for all and hopefully will be a regular, weekly event for our members along with the Chuy’s Cruise-in on Thursdays. Click on link for more pictures of this event.

COB Night at Chuy’s Thursday Night Cruise-in

COB Night at Chuy’s Thursday Night Cruise-in

We had 17 member Corvettes in attendance and 4 others who are not members or were members to be at the Chuy’s Thursday Night Cruisin. Root beer floats were served and a good time was had by all on this very warm evening. We got there early enough to have a very nice spot with shade from a large tree. One of our members to be even brought along a gorgeous ZR1. Thank you very much to Donna and Danny for supplying the delicious root beer floats and to Lillian for helping to serve. We will do this again soon.

For more photos of this event, click on this link to our Flickr page:

Civil War Reenactment at Fort Tejon, California

Civil War Reenactment at Fort Tejon, California

We had a fun day today at the Civil War re-enactment being held at Fort Tejon, 30 minutes south of Bakersfield. Several Corvettes of Bakersfield members made a last minute run through the Grapevine to the Fort established in the mid 1800s. As soon as we got out of our cars we were greeted by a tremendous explosion of a cannon booming in the distance. As we walked in, we were greeted by people dressed as pioneers and soldiers from the old days. Ask any one of them a question about the history and they would give you a detailed description of how life was in those old days and what parts they played. It was a very educational and fun trip and the weather couldn’t have been any better. It was a super nice 70° in the mountains and the green grass was gorgeous under the giant oak trees. I encourage anybody who is a history buff or whose kids are learning about the Civil War to attend one of these events. We had a great time.

For more photos of this event, click on this link to our Flickr page:

General Meeting – May 2019

Download Minutes

Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

5/14/2019 at Three Way Chevrolet

6:39 P.M.  Meeting called to order

36 members in attendance.

President, Bob Vella –Thank you to our sponsor, 3 Way Chevrolet, for sponsoring us and allowing us to meet in the current room.

Flag Salute – Led by John Silliman. 

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Shared by Bob Vella

Getting To Know You:  Mark Newton

Minutes – Tim Garcia motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Adrian Medina made a second.  Motion passed.

Larry Young/First Vice President  – Nominating committee has completed the ballots.  There are two running for president and only one running for vice-president.  The Public Relations and Events Coordinator positions need to be filled.  Larry will not be here next month due to prior plans.

Betsy Slauson/Membership – We have added four new members bringing the total to 129 members.  Membership renewals, at $75, are scheduled to go out.

Carl Lange /Treasurer Report– Carl presented the monthly report indicating $17,223.62 total funds in the accounts.

John Silliman/Sergeant At Arms – Collected for no name badges and reminded everyone to sign the attendance log. 

Virgil Miller/Webmaster – A classified section has been added to the website.

Adrian Medina/Newsletter – The newsletter has transformed to a blog on the website.  Encouraged everyone to view it.

Danny Ellison/Events –  The Chili Cook-off on 5/18/2019 has been cancelled along with the Santa Paula run on 6/2/2019.  Danny advised that $871 has been raised to offset the members’ price of the annual Christmas Party.  Michael Rouw gave Carl an additional $500, raised at the McNally’s event, to go towards the Christmas Party fund.

Brunch of Corvettes at Seven Oaks Country Club will be on 5/26/2019. We received permission to have six of our vehicles displayed on the grass at the event.  The Millers (C1), Terry Romanoff (C2), Annie Bailey (C4), Roger Buckels (C5), Ron Burrow (C6) and Dale Frye (C7) need to be there by 1:30 to get their vehicles in place.

On the first Thursday of each month during the summer, Chuy’s will be hosting a cruise-in for car club members.  We encourage everyone to attend.  Additionally, the Corvette Owner’s Breakfast at the Links at Riverlakes Ranch will be tomorrow, 5/15/2019, and the Summer Solstice at the Habit Burger Grill on Calloway Dr. on 6/21/2019.

Danny has created a My Corvette – Members Only page on Facebook. Contact him if you are interested in more information.

On 6/8/19, there will be a car show at Chuys put on by Larry Thomas.  This is information only but would encourage attendance.  Also, The Firehouse on Calloway Dr. will be hosting a car club gathering on Friday nights from 6:00-10:00.  The first one will be on 5/17/2019.  More options for more fun!

Veterans Charity Car Show – Virgil Miller reminded us we need sponsors for the car show, please send him any leads. California Pinups & Patriots will be handling the 50/50 raffle and will have a Little Miss Corvette contest. The Olive Drab Drivers will help with parking in exchange for entry fees.

New Business/Bob Vella – Bakersfield Car Club Council has dropped the Corvettes of Bakersfield.  Bob presented synopsis of his meeting with the Council.  Virgil motioned that COB withdraw, formally, from the BCCC.  Mark Newton made a second.  There was discussion.  BCCC kicked us out, we accept.  All in favor, no opposition.

Gambler’s Classic – The Riverside Hotel contacted Bob regarding the event and asked if we still wanted the reserved dates.  Bob asked those in attendance if anyone was interested in pursuing this.  No hands.  Bob will notify the Riverside Hotel of our decision to decline.

Next month’s refreshments will be handled by Dale Frye and the Brotts will handle the prizes.

Carl advised we have 12 spots reserved for next year’s Streets of Bakersfield.  Ten are still open.  Contact Carl if you are interested.

Ceramic coating drawing will be held at the Christmas Party.  The Wine Run, handled by Tony Ennis, will be on 9/28/2019.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM

Minutes provided by club secretary, Kim Miller