C4 Bumper


I have a new front bumper for a C4 84-91. Cost me $500 + shipping. Will sell for a loss!

call me 661-663-7857
Robert Robinette

P.S. or if you know anybody interested/must be picked up ob

1981 Corvette for sale


I have a 1981 Corvette for sale. It is a two owner and has 50,800 original miles on it. It just passed smog. It is in very nice condition. It was appraised for $16 to 18K. I am asking $12,500. I am 87 years of age and it is difficult getting in and out. I enjoy it but it is beyond my time. I can send pictures.
Thank you.

Robert Inabinette
(559) 539-2385

Board Minutes – April 2019

Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

4/2/19 at Lorene’s on 23rd St.

Call to order:        6:05 PM by President Vella

Present:     Bob Vella, Larry Young, Dick Compton, Carl Lange, Danny Ellison, Don & Betsy Slauson, John Silliman

Absent:       Virgil & Kim Miller, Adrian Medina

Guest:                  Linda McNitt

Minutes:     Larry moved to approve minutes from last BOD meeting, Carl seconded.  Motion passed.

1st VP:         Asked about National Corvette Museum Membership.  Currently, COB is not a member.

2nd VP:        COB needs to decide if will host Gambler’s Classic in 2020 as soon as possible.  Board discussed that no member(s) have offered to take the lead yet.  Bob will follow up.

Treasurer:  Board reviewed Treasurer’s Report.

                   Carl reported that routine State documents for 501(c)(7) were completed.

Events:       Discussed that the 50/50 drawings during events are to help raise money towards the Christmas Dinner.

                   Trembler Run on 4-6.  Linda advised BOD of issue with the meet-up location—two separate locations given.

                   New Corvette Owner’s Breakfast location (Riverlakes Ranch) received good reviews.

                   Valentine’s Dinner 2020 will be at Chalet Basque.  Special thanks to Trudy Frye for making arrangements.

                   McNally’s Run on April 27th.

                   Drafted BOD Nomination Form for distribution at next General Membership Meeting.  BOD reviewed and approved.

Membership:        May 1st is when membership renewal letters need to be sent out.  Betsy suggested using email instead of regular mail.  BOD discussed giving hard copies to the few members that don’t have email, and using email for the rest.

                   Two new members joined.  Current roster is 125.

                   Betsy sent sympathy gift to the Fryes from COB.

Sgt. At Arms:        John shared a brief update on the Veteran’s Charity Car Show based on Virgil’s recent Committee Meeting.  Received approvals to use the parking areas around Chuy’s.  Can have vendors as long as they 1) carry the required insurance and, 2) don’t sell food.  Virgil has set up Sub-Committees for:  Advertising/Sponsors, Registration, Parking, Raffle, Awards/Judging, and Logistics.  Have some volunteers, but need more.

                   Streets of Bakersfield went well.  COB needs to decide right away if we want to help host it again in 2020.  If so, we need a liaison who can attend monthly meetings, etc.

                   Carl reported that COB pre-paid for 12 car show spaces at Streets of Bakersfield 2020.  Already have five members wanting a space.  Board discussed idea of raffling off a space.

Next Meeting:      Nominations for the BOD will be taken at the next General Membership Meeting.  

                   The Slausons are providing both the prizes and the refreshments.

Adjourn:     7:15 PM

Minutes provided by John Silliman

General Meeting – April 2019

Download Minutes

4/9/2019 at Three-Way Chevrolet

6:38 P.M.  Meeting called to order

33 members in attendance.

President, Bob Vella – Welcome to Nomination Night and thank you to our sponsor Three-Way Chevrolet for sponsoring us and allowing us to meet in the current room.

Flag Salute – Led by John Silliman.  Prior to the pledge, John asked for a moment of silence for Trudy Frye whom we lost this past month.

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Shared by Bob Vella

Getting To Know You:  Spotlight on Bill Dean.

Minutes –Larry Young motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Denise Hollister made a second.  Motion passed.

Streets of Bakersfield – Approximately $28K was made at this event.  Corvettes of Bakersfield netted $4,000 to go to Wounded Heroes of Kern County.  Planning is already in the works for 2020 Streets of Bakersfield.  Does COB want to participate again?  More volunteers will be needed.  In the future, Streets of Bakersfield is limiting the number of participating clubs to six (6) to keep the final donations larger for each club. 

The majority of members voted for the club to participate in 2020.  It was decided to stay with Wounded Heroes of Kern County as the receiving charity.  Bob thanked the liaisons for their contributions last year.  Dave Kielty will go to the Streets of Bakersfield meetings this year on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Board of Director Reports

Larry Young/First Vice President  – Larry shared an America’s Sports Car magazine.

Kim Miller/Secretary – March minutes went out via email recently.  A couple of addresses on file were rejected.  She will attempt to address the issue with the individuals.  Make sure your information is accurate with the club.

Betsy Slauson/Membership – We have added two new members bringing the total to 125 members.

Carl Lange /Treasurer Report– Carl presented the monthly report indicating $16,704.03 total funds in the accounts. 

John Silliman/Sergeant At Arms – Collected for no name badges and reminded everyone to sign the attendance log.  Thank you went out to Linda McNitt for acquiring another car coating donation from Unique Auto Spa (formerly Angel’s Car Coating).  The club will continue to sell raffle tickets to members and hold the drawing later in the year, probably at the annual wine run.

Virgil Miller/Webmaster – The website continues to be updated regularly.  Please review as all the current information on the upcoming car show is now on the website

Danny Ellison/Events –  We are holding 50/50 drawings at each event and the monthly breakfasts.  The proceeds will go back to the members to help cover the individual cost of the annual Christmas party.  So far, $266 has been made from two events.

Calendar of Events/Bob Vella – On Monday 4/15/2019, there will be a memorial for Trudy Frye.  The Corvettes of Bakersfield will form corvette procession with their cars.  Sign up sheet is being passed around.

Nomination Committee for the upcoming election consists of Betsy Slauson, Larry Young and John Silliman.  Bob Vella and Danny Ellison will NOT be re-running for their current positions of President and Events Coordinator.  A form for nominations will be passed out before the end of the meeting to be submitted to the committee.

Vettes for Vets – Virgil provided an update for the event.  Registration is ready and posted on the website.  There will be a special judging category for COB members.  Virgil received information from Yolanda Atkinson that she can do t-shirts; specifically, 240 pieces at $3.65 each to include sizes small to X-large.  2XL would be $6.15 each and 3XL would be $7.15.   These could be used to give away to participants or volunteers.  They could even be sold to spectators.  This information will be turned over to the committee for consideration.

Bob Vella showed a couple of videos of recent events.

Dale Frye shared a few words with the members, thanking them for their support to him and his son during recent difficult times.

Meeting adjourned at 7:53 PM.

Flash Run To the Carrizo Plains-April 6, 2019

Flash Run To the Carrizo Plains-April 6, 2019

The weather couldn’t have been any better. Originally The Trembler Run was a much longer run taking us, starting from Bakersfield, to Coalinga and San Lucas. Then we would have headed south through very sparsely used country roads through beautiful countryside along the San Andreas fault; had lunch in Paso Robles and more cruising along little used scenic country roads where we were to do more sight-seeing and then home after a full day. Unfortunately the threat of rain and flooded roads canceled that event. As a last minute endeavor to do something and to see wildflowers, 10 intrepid drivers (one in a Pontiac Solstice) made a last minute run through Hiway 58 straight through McKittrick to the Carrizo Plain National Monument. All alongside the road we saw an awesome display of God’s beautiful, colorful creations. We would stop to take pictures of everything from our cars to the multicolored mountain sides. Anytime you get a bunch of beautiful Corvettes together, you have an instant car show that attracts kids and adults alike. As a matter of fact, we had some beautiful and excited Asian gals all the way from Los Angeles taking pictures of our Vettes so we invited them to sit in one for a picture setting. They were very entertaining and had a great time.

Afterwards we drove back to McKittrick to have a wonderful and much needed lunch and to recount what we had seen. We stopped at the McKittrick Hotel and Penny Bar owned by Mike and Annie Moore. In that rustic old building, established in 1898 and rebuilt in 1903, we saw a plethora of kitschy sayings, proverbs and artifacts but mostly we saw pennies…”Starting with a large bucket of pennies, the Moore’s begin decorating the bar, the walls, the sign in the front of the building, and just about any flat surface he could glue Mr. Lincoln. Over 1 million pennies later, the Penny Bar’s unique beauty has achieved a fame that has stretched from coast to Coast. Television and newspapers have done stories about this unique establishment which has brought fame to this icon of a very small Kern County town”.

For a run that was organized at the last minute, this turned out to be a beautiful and wonderful experience. Many thanks to John and Cher for getting this together. For more pictures, click on this Flickr link: