General Board meeting – November 2016

General Meeting November 8, 2016

1) Meeting called to order by president Robert Salter at 7:05 p.m.
2) Pledge of Allegiance lead by Larry Young.
3) Last month’s meeting minutes approved by Larry Young and Greg Brott.
4) September Birthdays and Anniversaries were announced.
5) Treasures report given by Ed Combs and the club is solvent.
6) Club members report total was not available. We had 3 prospective member present. 7) Guest and new members were announced.

Old Business:

1) Tony Ennis updates on Veterans day parade and meeting place and time.
2) Greg Brott spoke about Trunk or Treat at Chuy’s COB members participated on October 27th.
3) COB reservation for Christmas party on December 3rd is Nov 26th .
4) Lengthwise COB out to lunch is on Sunday November 20th.
5) Bob Vella updated COB with Gamblers Classic. We will have Randy Anderson and Rick Reno Stevens and New Buck Owens Band. Bob will follow thru with resending emails to all Corvette clubs regarding Gamblers Classic.
6) Greg Brott updated COB with Streets of Bakersfield which will be on May 18th, 19th, and 20th. More to follow.

New Business:

1) Our Winner for COB Christmas Dinner for two was Tom Gibson Congratulations.
2) January 15 is our 1st annual lunch for the year. This will be where all COB members can discuss all runs
and events for the year. We encourage everyone to attend.
3) Issues with Three Way conference room availability has COB looking for a new meeting room any
suggestions will be considered. Suggestions from the Rocket Club to Sundale have been suggested.
4) Raffle and refreshment list for 2017 meetings has been started if you have yet to sign up please do so at
the next meeting.
5) Robert and Soila Salter have step down due to personal reasons, Bob Vella has stepped up and will proceed and finish the year off as President and Greg Brott has stepped up and will take over the Secretary position effective immediately. The board voted and agreed.

50/50 winner: Bev Hayden
Raffle Donated by Deborah Winget Blue Cap: Mitch Townsend
Raffle Donated by Annie Bailey x3 Corvette coffee mugs: Bob Vella, Larry Young, Tom Gibson
Raffle Donated by Skip and Jewell Ogle Wine Bottle: David Kielty Car Kit: Wally Whitaker
President envelope Winner: Annie Bailey (Oldest Vet) and Brad Hayden (Youngest Member Present)

Meeting Adjourned at 8:02pm ***REMINDER our January meeting location is to be determined and you will be notified ASAP.