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3/12/2019 at Three Way Chevrolet

6:36 P.M.  Meeting called to order

40 members in attendance.

President, Bob Vella thanked our sponsor 3 Way Chevrolet for sponsoring us and allowing us to meet in the current room.

Flag Salute – Led by John Silliman

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Shared by Bob Vella

Getting To Know You:  Spotlight on Liz Zaninovich

Minutes –Larry Young motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Denise Hollister made a second.  Motion passed.

Elections – Bob Vella reminded everyone that nominations for the Board of Directors is open in April, there will be a vote in May, announcement of the new board will be done in June and the new board take effect in July.

Street of Bakersfield – Event will be taking place March 14 through March 16, 2019.  This year the COB earnings will go to the Wounded Heroes of Kern County.

Parkfield Run – Jack and Yolanda Atkinson did a pre-run and have made a change in the plans.  Instead there will be a Trembler Run which will entail a run along I-5 towards Coalinga (198) with a lunch in Paso Robles.

Michael Rowe – presented Virgil Miller with a dual picture of a postage stamp with a 1953 Corvette.  Michael came across this picture and thought of Virgil, who owns a 1954 Corvette.  It was presented in appreciation for the work Virgil has done on behalf of COB.

NCCC Insurance – there is a copy of the details on the COB website.

Board of Director Reports

Larry Young/First Vice President  – Thank you to everyone who participated in the Concours de’ Brunch at the Tower Craft Bar & Grill.  Good participation and nice awards.

Dick Compton/Second Vice President – Is anyone interested in doing the Gambler’s Classic?  Need to think about this real quick.  Also, if anyone is interested in being a board member, speak up and let someone know.

Betsy Slauson/Membership – We have 123 members and one new member, Boyd Smith.

Carl Lange /Treasurer Report– Carl presented the monthly report.  February was a light month as far as activity goes.

John Silliman/Sergeant At Arms – Collected for no name badges.

Virgil Miller/Webmaster – Advised the members that the website has been updated with all the upcoming events.

Adrian Medina/Newsletter – Posts events and pictures on Facebook and Flickr.

Calendar of Events/Bob Vella – Current list of activities is posted on the website.  Roger and Lillian Buckles are doing a Cayucos Run on 3/23/2019 and Betsy Slauson is hosting a chili cookoff (people choice) on 5/18/2019.  The Corvette Owner’s Breakfast on the 3rd Wednesday of the month has been moved from Panera/California Ave to the River Lakes Clubhouse.

Refreshments/Raffle – Check the sign-up sheet if you need a reminder as to when you are supposed to bring your items.

Robert Villalobos gave an update on the available corvettes at 3-Way Chevrolet.

Veteran’s Charity Car Show 2019 – Virgil Miller advised he is still waiting for approval from the property management company before he moves forward with any solid planning.  A signup sheet for committees passed out to members.

Bob Vella showed a couple of videos of recent events, Valentines at Frugatti’s and the Reagan Library.  He also reiterated that if we are going to do the Gambler’s Classic, we need interest and volunteers.  If we stick with the prior location, the hotel needs to know by 4/5/19 in order to save it for us.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.