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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

9/10/2019 at Three-Way Chevrolet

37 members in attendance. 

6:37 P.M.  Meeting called to order by President Larry Young.  Thanks to our sponsor, Three-Way Chevrolet, for the meeting room and the monthly financial contribution to the club.

Flag Salute: Led by Adrian Medina.

Guests: None

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Acknowledged by Larry Young.

Refreshments and Prizes:  Tony Sparano provided the cookies and Brad Hayden and Michael Rouw brought the gifts to be given away.

The Ellisons were not here as Donna’s mother is gravely ill.  Dick Compton called Larry and said his wife, Barbara, is not doing well and it may be a while before he is able to return to club activities.  Larry requested we keep both these families in our thoughts.

Larry Young, being a car man, shared the most recent car hype in a car magazine and encouraged the rest of us to look into it.  Fifty-three years after the 1966 24 Hours of Lemans endurance race between Ford and Ferrari, a new high-speed biographical drama that depicts this duel is being released, Lemans 66.   

Minutes:  Carl Lange motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Denise Hollister made a second.  Motion passed.

Larry Young/President:  Larry reminded everyone of the Wine Run and Vettes For Vets Car Show.  Full participation by members is needed/encouraged.

Bill Dean/Vice President:   Not here.

Kim Miller/Secretary:  Nothing new to report.

Betsy Slauson/Membership:  New membership cards are here.  Please pick yours up.

Carl Lange/Treasurer:  We have $23,559.27 between the two accounts.

Sergeant At Arms:  Dave was not here, so John Silliman collected for “no name badges”.

Virgil Miller/Webmaster:  The website has been updated with the latest offerings.  Please check it out.

Adrian Medina/Social Media:  The blog is up to date.  Jack and Yolanda Atkinson took a corvette trip to Nova Scotia.  Don and Jeanne Allen recently returned from the Corvette festivities in Bowling Green.  Hope to be able to share pictures and details from both these trips soon.

Liz Zaninovich/Public Relations:  Stockdale High School NHS is lined up to help with the car show.  Permission slips will be given to the students to be returned with parent’s signature.

Danny Ellison/Events:  Not here.  Larry received, and shared, a thank you certificate from Toys for Tots for our participation in their cause last Christmas.

Larry also reminded members of the Corvette Owners Breakfast the 3rd Wednesday of the month and Firehouse Friday Nite Graffiti on the last Friday of the month.  More information can be found on our website.

Annual Wine Run – Twenty-nine have paid.  We need 32 to break even.  Please consider the trip and sign up soon.

Vettes For Vets Car Show –  Virgil gave out flyers for the car show to be passed out at other car shows within the community this next month.  He also provided an agenda for the Vettes 4 Vets car show so that members know what to expect at the event on 11/9/2019.

Christmas Parade – Do we want to participate this year?  The Board of Director weren’t really enthusiastic.  How about the General Membership?  The response was NO.  How about the

Veteran’s Day Parade –  There is a MOAA (Military Officers Association of America) meeting next week.  Tony will provide more  information as it becomes available.

“Breakdown Shakedown”  Larry is offering to host a morning at his shop on 9/21/2019 8:00am-noonish for members to bring by their corvettes and check them out for any services.  Half a dozen members showed interest.  Larry will provide coffee and put out more information in the coming days.

NCCC Governor – Greg Brott submitted his resignation.  This position requires attending four meetings a year (out of town).  Larry will attend the upcoming meeting on 9/14/2019, however, he can’t take over these responsibilities.  Linda McNitt volunteered to fill the vacancy for the club.  Larry will talk to her after the 14th and get her up to speed.

Prizes/Gifts – We have three events coming up before the end of the year that are will need prizes and/or gifts donated to them.  Larry reminded the members that those attending the wine run have been asked to provide a prize for the evening raffle.  The Vettes For Vets car show will need numerous prizes for the raffle.  Members are encouraged to reach out to the community for prizes or provide a raffle prize themselves.  Also, a raffle is held each year at the Christmas Party.  Attending members are encouraged to bring a prize. 

Christmas Party – The event will be held on 12/7/2019 at the Brighton Park Club House.  The cost is $25 per person.

Next month – Snacks will be provided by Melanie Mitchell and Bob and Shirley Vella will provide the prizes.

Harris Ranch Run – John Silliman will be leading the way on this run on 10/12/2019.  The planned route is to take Hwy 33 to Blackwell’s Corner, then to Coalinga to see their museum and from there to Harris Ranch.  Afterwards, for those interested, there is the option of going to the casino.  John expressed his appreciation to those who went to Camarillo.  A video of the trip was shown.

General Motors C8 Tour ­– A video of the trip to Merle Stone Chevrolet in Tulare was shown.  Fourteen of our corvettes participated at this event and were pleased with the hospitality.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:35pm