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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

2/11/2020 at Round Table Pizza (White Ln/Gosford Rd)

47 members in attendance. 

6:33 P.M.  Meeting called to order by President Larry Young.  Larry welcomed everyone  and thanked our sponsor, Three Way Chevrolet, for their support.

Flag Salute: Led by Dave Kielty.

Guests: Tony Castiglione from Streets of Bakersfield and Bob Hurston.

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  February birthdays and anniversaries were acknowledged by Larry Young.

Raffle Prizes:  Tonights raffle prizes were contributed by Diane Wallace, Donnie Hansen, Larry Young, Linda McNitt and Carl Lange.

Minutes:  Kathy Gallego motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Denise Hollister made a second.  Motion passed.

Larry Young/President:  Streets of Bakersfield will be held next month.  Sign up sheet for committee is being passed around.  The COB storage shed was recently cleaned out.  Thanks to those that helped.  We are going to extend the deadline for submitting logo ideas.  The 2020 Christmas Party will be held at the Crest Bar and Grill on 12/12/2020.  More information will follow as the date draws near.  Letter was sent out regarding nominations for board of directors.  The nominating committee is comprised of Bill Dean, Larry Young and Danny Ellison.  Nominations will be taken through the April general meeting.  Nominations will be announced at the May meeting and voting will occur at the June meeting.  Linda McNitt has again accepted the position of NCCC Governor.  The next quarterly meeting is the second weekend in May in Ventura.  Attendance is encouraged if you want to see what the NCCC is about.

Bill Dean/Vice President:   An email was sent out to members about the upcoming board election along with a description of each position.  He encouraged members to make nominations.  Thank you to Kathy Gallego for the new member roster she created.  If anyone has logo ideas, please submit the design directly to Bill.

Guest:  Tony Castiglione with Streets of Bakersfield – Cruising for Charity.  Going on 4th year with the event.  This year it will be a 4-day event, 3/18-3/21/2020.  He explained the parking for the event and the event schedule.

Kim Miller/Secretary:   Nothing to report.

Betsy Slauson/Membership:  There are currently 114 members.

Carl Lange/Treasurer report – There is $21,137.54 between the accounts.  The final 501(c)3 account will be set up after 2/17/2020 (the financial institution is going through a name change).

Virgil Miller/Website:  Under the About Us tab, a new historical article about the club and the logos that have been submitted have been posted.  Under the Events tab, information about the Streets of Bakersfield can be found.

Social Media/Adrian Medina:  Encouraged posting on the Corvettes of Bakersfield Facebook page and sharing on My Corvette page so outsiders can see activities too.

Sergeant At Arms/David Kielty:  Nothing new.

Public Relations/Liz Zaninovich:  Nothing to report.

Danny Ellison/EventsValentine’s Day Dinner will be on 2/14/2020 at the Chalet Basque.  Corvette Owners Breakfast will be on 2/19/2020 at The Links at Riverlakes.  Leap Year Day Poker Chip run is on 2/29/2020.  This will be a local run.  So far, there are 21 cars and 38 people signed up.  2020 Wine Run will be on 9/26/2020.  Tony Ennis advised that the first stop will be at Tobin James, followed by lunch at Still Water and the day will end at Castoro.

New Business:  Larry Young, as president, wants to be notified of impromptu runs.  Permission is not needed; he just wants to be notified since it is being done under the umbrella of Corvettes of Bakersfield.  The club has had several inquiries about a future Gamblers Classic.  If anyone is interested in pursuing this venture, please let Larry know.  The Riverside Resort in Laughlin wants us back, per Kathy Gallego.  Larry also shared information he received from another corvette club advising of an event they are having and inviting us to attend.   Visit for more information on their August event.

Next month’s raffle prize will be brought by Betsy Slauson.

Dale Frye recently visited the Pyrenees Café on Sumner St.  The food was great and suggested it might be an idea for a change for the Corvette Owners Breakfast.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:46 pm