10 Corvettes and many more members enjoyed traveling to Tustin, Ca. to take part in the 2nd day of the C8 Corvette Reveal. The first day was organized for the media and other dignitaries and the second day for enthusiasts and future owners of the fabulous C8 Corvette. Corvettes of Bakersfield managed to caravan all the way to the Tustin Blimp Hangars in ONE GROUP which is quite an accomplishment in the LA area. Once we got there we were amazed at the size and construction of the hangars which were built in 1942 for airship support of the US Navy coastal patrol efforts in WWII. Inside the hangar were displays of the early mid-engined Corvette concepts and experimental mules and, also, cutaways of the C8 to show the all aluminum construction. Colors and upholstery samples were also on display as well as wheel and seat options. Also on display, were C5, C6 and C7 Corvette racers. Snacks and drinks were available to munch on as we moved around the displays. There was also a presentation and films by Tadge Juechter, Chief Corvette Engineer, who was very instrumental in bringing the mid-engined Corvette C8 to life. After freshening up and taking a break, we had a very nice dinner at J. T. Schmid’s Restaurant where are we discussed our wants and desires of everything we’ve seen of the C8. It was a thrill and privilege to be one of the first to sit inside the brand-new C8 Corvette.

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