General Meeting – November 2019

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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

11/12/2019 at Three Way Chevrolet

41 members in attendance. 

6:36 P.M.  Meeting called to order by President Larry Young.  Larry thanked our sponsor, Three Way Chevrolet, for the meeting room and the monthly financial contribution to the club.

Member Passing:  Tim Garcia recently passed away.  President Larry Young asked for a moment of silence.  Services for Tim will be on Friday 11/22/2019 at Greenlawn Southwest.  There will be a reception at Chateau Basque on Oak St. following the services.  Members are encouraged to attend.

Flag Salute: Led by Larry Young.

Guests: Steve Taylor and Ed and Linda Combs.

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  November and December birthdays were acknowledged by Larry Young.

Minutes:  Kathy Gallego motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Adrian Medina made a second.  Motion passed.

Event Calendar: 

          4/25/2020  McNally’s being led by Michael Rouw.

          May  Trip to Three Rivers led by Michael Rouw.

          June  Trip to Ponderosa Lodge led by Steve Dallons

Veteran’s Parade:  There was a good showing of members and fun was had by all.

Bill Dean/Vice President:   Would like to see the club come up with a new logo.  With the advent of the new C8, the board of directors would like to see a “timeless” logo.  The membership is being asked to come up with and submit ideas for a logo.  A prize of $100 is being offered to the winner (board members are not eligible to win).  Submit ideas by February and the membership will vote on it afterwards. 

Treasurer report – Carl Lange advised we have $25,996.89 between the two accounts.

Virgil Miller/Website:  The website is running smoothly.  Nothing new to report.

Social Media/Adrian Medina:  Nothing to report.

Public Relations/Liz Zaninovich:  The 1st of May there is a trip to Kingman, AZ.

Danny Ellison/Events:  50/50 collection has been good.  The Harris Ranch Run took in $125 and the Crest Brunch brought in $132.  The total is now at $1,688

Additional upcoming events are 11/20/2019 Corvette Owners Brunch at Riverlakes, 12/8/2019 Bakersfield Toy Run at Beach Park (contact is Adrian Medina), and 12/14/2019 Christmas Party at Brighton Park.

Also, 5/1-5/3/2020 is the Route 66 Fun Run.  Hotel is Best Western Plus King.  Corvettes of Bakersfield has a rate of $362.  Contact is Brittney at (928) 763-6101.

Virgil is proposing a Poker Chip Run on 2/29/2020.  More information to follow.

Liz inquired about the desire to still have a brunch in January at Marie Calendar’s.  It is currently on the calendar for 1/12/2020.  She will follow up on the arrangements.

New Business:  Larry Young advised that the club’s storage shed needs some attention.  He proposes that a crew go and clean the shed up in early February.  Gambler’s Classic is still being asked about.  He would like the membership to think about possibly revisiting the event in 2021.  Just for information, from 11/22-12/1/2019 the Auto Show in Los Angeles will be occurring. A membership list with names, phone numbers, email address and car color and type is being put together to share with club members.  The 2020 Refreshment and Raffle Prize list is being passed around.  Please sign up.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 pm

General Meeting – October 2019

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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

10/8/2019 at Three Way Chevrolet

39 members in attendance. 

6:36 P.M.  Meeting called to order by President Larry Young.  Larry thanked our sponsor, Three Way Chevrolet, for the meeting room and the monthly financial contribution to the club.

Flag Salute: Led by Dave Kielty.

Guests: Lawrence Melendez, past member who, at one time, was the official photographer for COB.  Mr. Melendez has a smoke-colored glass top for sale, $400.00, that fits a 1997-2004.  He can be reached at (661) 675-8033.  Michael Rouw purchased it.

New Members:   Von Schipper and Diane Wallace were in attendance.

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Acknowledged by Larry Young.

Refreshments and Prizes:  Larry expressed appreciation to the members that brought tonight’s refreshments and prizes.

Minutes:  Denise Hollister motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Tim Garcia made a second.  Motion passed.

Larry Young/President:  Thank you to Tony Ennis and Chevy Garza for a great wine run.  There were more first-timers in attendance than “old-timers”.

Christmas Party will be on 12/14/2019.  This has been confirmed.

Displayed front license plate frame for a C7 – Stop N Show (ticket now, not a fix-it)

Membership – we have 115 current members.

Treasurer report – Larry showed the numbers as Carl is not here.

Bill Dean/Vice President:   Not here.

Kim Miller/Secretary:  Nothing new to report.

Dave Kielty/Sergeant At Arms:  Streets of Bakersfield will have some new “stuff” going on this year.  More to follow.  COB will be doing the street marking.

Liz Zaninovich/Public Relations:  Have been handing out flyers for the car show.  A lot of flack has been received on the cost of the show entry fee.

Danny Ellison/Events:  Ventura Fun Run – $60 was collected in the raffle, making for a total of $1,431.00.  Events are posted and emailed on the first of the month.  There will NOT be a January events planning meeting in 2020.  The 2020 Events Calendar is out.  The last Saturday of each month has been left open for “fun runs”.  If you are interested in planning one, contact Danny.

4/25/2020  McNally’s – Michael Rouw

5/30/2020  3 Rivers – Michael Rouw

6/27/2020  Ponderosa Lodge – Steve Dallons

Corvette Owners’ Breakfast at Riverlakes on Wednesday 10/16/2019

Three Way Chevrolet Car Show on Saturday 10/19/2019

Brunch of Corvettes at the Crest on Sunday 10/20/2019.  There will be a special menu for the event.

Firehouse Rosedale Station is having a Trunk or Treat on 10/25/2019

Chuys will be hosting a Trunk or Treat on 10/31/2019.

Christmas Party at Brighton Park on 12/14/2019 6:00-10:00 pm  $25/person

Harris Ranch Round Up on 10/12/2019 led by John Silliman.  Promo video shown.

Car Show:  Virgil showed a PSA for the event.  After discussion, members voted to cancel the show.  Virgil will make notifications and return donations that have been received.  ($500 Kern Schools, $250 Fastrip, $300 Stone Chevrolet, large screen TV from Banducci’s Pumpkin Patch).  Virgil suggested, for the future, maybe we can look at a “Gambler’s Classic” style event at the new Hard Rock at I-5/99 after it is established.

Passage:  Last week, services for COB member Steve Mathias were held.  Stacy, Steve’s partner, donated $100 to COB.

Christmas Parade – Tom Jones expressed concern about COB no participating in the Christmas Parade.  Our participation is a show of community support.

Veteran’s Day Parade –  Tony Ennis advised there are only 18 members left in the MOAA and of that only five are ambulatory.  Tony suggested we contact the American Legion.  Larry volunteered to go with him

Next month – Next month Kathy and Henry Gallego are signed up for snacks and Donna and Danny Ellison have prizes for the raffle.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:45pm

General Meeting – September 2019

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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

9/10/2019 at Three-Way Chevrolet

37 members in attendance. 

6:37 P.M.  Meeting called to order by President Larry Young.  Thanks to our sponsor, Three-Way Chevrolet, for the meeting room and the monthly financial contribution to the club.

Flag Salute: Led by Adrian Medina.

Guests: None

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Acknowledged by Larry Young.

Refreshments and Prizes:  Tony Sparano provided the cookies and Brad Hayden and Michael Rouw brought the gifts to be given away.

The Ellisons were not here as Donna’s mother is gravely ill.  Dick Compton called Larry and said his wife, Barbara, is not doing well and it may be a while before he is able to return to club activities.  Larry requested we keep both these families in our thoughts.

Larry Young, being a car man, shared the most recent car hype in a car magazine and encouraged the rest of us to look into it.  Fifty-three years after the 1966 24 Hours of Lemans endurance race between Ford and Ferrari, a new high-speed biographical drama that depicts this duel is being released, Lemans 66.   

Minutes:  Carl Lange motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Denise Hollister made a second.  Motion passed.

Larry Young/President:  Larry reminded everyone of the Wine Run and Vettes For Vets Car Show.  Full participation by members is needed/encouraged.

Bill Dean/Vice President:   Not here.

Kim Miller/Secretary:  Nothing new to report.

Betsy Slauson/Membership:  New membership cards are here.  Please pick yours up.

Carl Lange/Treasurer:  We have $23,559.27 between the two accounts.

Sergeant At Arms:  Dave was not here, so John Silliman collected for “no name badges”.

Virgil Miller/Webmaster:  The website has been updated with the latest offerings.  Please check it out.

Adrian Medina/Social Media:  The blog is up to date.  Jack and Yolanda Atkinson took a corvette trip to Nova Scotia.  Don and Jeanne Allen recently returned from the Corvette festivities in Bowling Green.  Hope to be able to share pictures and details from both these trips soon.

Liz Zaninovich/Public Relations:  Stockdale High School NHS is lined up to help with the car show.  Permission slips will be given to the students to be returned with parent’s signature.

Danny Ellison/Events:  Not here.  Larry received, and shared, a thank you certificate from Toys for Tots for our participation in their cause last Christmas.

Larry also reminded members of the Corvette Owners Breakfast the 3rd Wednesday of the month and Firehouse Friday Nite Graffiti on the last Friday of the month.  More information can be found on our website.

Annual Wine Run – Twenty-nine have paid.  We need 32 to break even.  Please consider the trip and sign up soon.

Vettes For Vets Car Show –  Virgil gave out flyers for the car show to be passed out at other car shows within the community this next month.  He also provided an agenda for the Vettes 4 Vets car show so that members know what to expect at the event on 11/9/2019.

Christmas Parade – Do we want to participate this year?  The Board of Director weren’t really enthusiastic.  How about the General Membership?  The response was NO.  How about the

Veteran’s Day Parade –  There is a MOAA (Military Officers Association of America) meeting next week.  Tony will provide more  information as it becomes available.

“Breakdown Shakedown”  Larry is offering to host a morning at his shop on 9/21/2019 8:00am-noonish for members to bring by their corvettes and check them out for any services.  Half a dozen members showed interest.  Larry will provide coffee and put out more information in the coming days.

NCCC Governor – Greg Brott submitted his resignation.  This position requires attending four meetings a year (out of town).  Larry will attend the upcoming meeting on 9/14/2019, however, he can’t take over these responsibilities.  Linda McNitt volunteered to fill the vacancy for the club.  Larry will talk to her after the 14th and get her up to speed.

Prizes/Gifts – We have three events coming up before the end of the year that are will need prizes and/or gifts donated to them.  Larry reminded the members that those attending the wine run have been asked to provide a prize for the evening raffle.  The Vettes For Vets car show will need numerous prizes for the raffle.  Members are encouraged to reach out to the community for prizes or provide a raffle prize themselves.  Also, a raffle is held each year at the Christmas Party.  Attending members are encouraged to bring a prize. 

Christmas Party – The event will be held on 12/7/2019 at the Brighton Park Club House.  The cost is $25 per person.

Next month – Snacks will be provided by Melanie Mitchell and Bob and Shirley Vella will provide the prizes.

Harris Ranch Run – John Silliman will be leading the way on this run on 10/12/2019.  The planned route is to take Hwy 33 to Blackwell’s Corner, then to Coalinga to see their museum and from there to Harris Ranch.  Afterwards, for those interested, there is the option of going to the casino.  John expressed his appreciation to those who went to Camarillo.  A video of the trip was shown.

General Motors C8 Tour ­– A video of the trip to Merle Stone Chevrolet in Tulare was shown.  Fourteen of our corvettes participated at this event and were pleased with the hospitality.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:35pm

General Meeting – August 2019

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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

8/13/2019 at Three Way Chevrolet

40 members in attendance. 

6:32 P.M.  Meeting called to order by President Larry Young.  Thanks to our sponsor, Three Way Chevrolet, for the meeting room and the monthly financial contribution to the club.

Flag Salute: Led by Dave Kielty.

New Members: Larry Young welcomed Eric “Skip” Schipper.  He has a gray with blue 2017 Grand Sport and has been to three events with the club.  Also welcomed Ken Stewart, a retired fireman with a gray 2019 corvette.

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Acknowledged by Larry Young.

Prizes & Refreshments:  Dale Frye brought raffle prizes and Annie Bailey provided the refreshments.

Minutes:  Denise Hollister motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Mitch Townsend made a second.  Motion passed.

Larry Young/President:  Got a little more clarity regarding the NCCC vs WSCC and what has to be sent to the NCCC regarding our events.  NCCC needs to receive notification of competitive events, in writing.  We do not have to send notification of our small runs to them.

Thanks to Yolanda Atkinson for arranging for our club members to be able attend the Official Corvette C8 Reveal.

Bill Dean/Vice President:  Kevin Fennell, a friend associated with the boat races, shared that on Oct. 5, 2019 the Nostalgic Car Show will be held out at Lake Ming.  It was suggested that we get some of our cars to attend and promote our November car show.  There will be boat drags out there too.  Cost is $30.  Suggested that we all get together and drive in together.

Betsy Slauson/Membership: Most of our members have renews, but there are still a few stragglers.

Carl Lange/Treasurer Report: We have $20,406.93 in both accounts.

Dave Kielty/Sergeant At Arms: Collected for no name badges.  Also advised that Streets of Bakersfield is moving along.  There will be no motorcycle spots this year.

Virgil Miller/Webmaster: A PDF of the monthly minutes can now be found on the website.  This was added for those that wanted to able to print the minutes in a clean format.  A Mailchimp account was opened in the club’s name and is being used to send out the minutes.

Adrian Medina/Social Media:  Reminded everyone about our Facebook page.

Liz Zaninovich/Public Relations:  Nothing to report.

Danny Ellison/Events:  Greenhorn Run – we made $125 on the raffle.  We now have $1,371 to go towards the Christmas Party.  Reminder that our next monthly Corvette Owners’ Breakfast is at Riverlakes Club House on 8/21/2019 from 8:00-10:00am. The next gathering at the Firehouse Grill will probably be cancelled due to the heat. Don’t forget we meet at Chuy’s on the first Thursday of the month.  Rootbeer floats are a must at these gatherings.

The calendar has already been made up for next year.  If you want to do an event, contact Danny.  Our Memorial Day weekend brunch is scheduled for 5/24/2020.  Danny would like to find a different location (from the Seven Oaks Country Club).  Any ideas?

The annual Summer Solstice event is scheduled for 6/20/2020.  We need a location and someone to set it up. 

Brunch of Corvettes is slated for 10/20/2019.  Need someone to step up and make plans.

Annual Wine Run – September 28, 2019. Due to heavy construction going on at the interchange of Hwy 46 and I-5, we will meet at Blackwell’s Corner.  An alternate route to Blackwell’s Corner is to take Hwy 58 to Hwy 33 and then north to Hwy 46.  We will have access to the restrooms. Check-in is at 8:15 am and the driver’s meeting at 8:35 am in the parking lot on the west side. We are on the road at 8:50 am.  The third winery has changed due to an increase in the tasting price ($35).  The new drive plan has been posted on the website.

John Silliman – Camarillo Outlets Run is scheduled for 8/17/2019.  Meet at 7:30 am at The Park at Riverwalk.  We will leave at 8:00 am.  There will be a stop at the Pistachio Company on Highway 33.  Lunch will be at Aloha Steakhouse in Ventura.  After lunch, we will take Highway 101 to the Camarillo Outlets.  Everyone is on their own from there.

Carl Lange – on 9/14/2019, Brookdale Assisted Living is having a car show to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

Annie Bailey had a correction to the July minutes.  She will assist with the donations for the goody bags, NOT get the donations.

New Business

Larry Young proposed that the club join the National Corvette Museum.  The cost is $250 for the first year and then $150 for each year after that.  Carl Lange made the motion that Corvettes of Bakersfield join the National Corvette Museum.  Betsy Slauson  seconded the motion. 

There was discussion.  When asked about the benefits of membership, Larry said we could promote our events in their magazine for free.  This would enhance the club’s visibility.  Upon voting for the motion, 5 members opposed.  Motion passed.

Vettes 4 Vets Car Show –  Virgil is still trying to come up with a location for a committee meeting to include representatives from the groups we will be donating to.  Tom Jones suggested we contact Robert Villanueva from Three Way to see if can use this room.

Next month Tony Sparano is scheduled to bring snacks and Brad Hayden is signed up to bring raffle prizes.

Video of the Greenhorn Run was shown.

7:50 PM  Meeting adjourned.

General Meeting – July 2019

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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

7/9/2019 at Three Way Chevrolet

6:39 P.M.  Meeting called to order by Bob Vella.

46 members in attendance.  2 Guests (Emily Ames and Ken Weir)

Bob Vella handed the gavel over to newly-elected President Larry Young.  Larry thanked our sponsor, Three-Way Chevrolet, for sponsoring us by providing us a donation every month and allowing us to meet in the current room.

Flag Salute – Led by Dave Kielty. Dave introduced Emily Ames (Larry’s granddaughter) who sang the national anthem.

Oath of Office:  Ken Weir, Bakersfield City Council Member, swore in the new officers: Larry Young, President;  Dave Kielty, Sergeant At Arms; and Elizabeth Zaninovich, Public Relations.

Larry Young welcomed the guests and new member, Matt Collins, who has a 2017 Stingray.

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Acknowledged by Larry Young.

Prizes & Refreshments:  Brought by Tony Ennis and Chevy Garza.

Minutes: Liz Zaninovich motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Melanie Mitchell made a second.  Motion passed.

Larry Young/President:  At the Board of Directors meeting last week, Danny Ellison stepped forward and volunteered to be the Events Coordinator again.

Kim Miller/Secretary:  Nothing to share

Betsy Slauson/Membership: Received several membership renewals tonight.  Those that have not renewed yet need to do so soon.  Thank you to those that went down to Don’s memorial service.  Pictures were shared of their car.

Carl Lange/Treasurer Report: Carl was not present but a balance of $19,676.09 for both accounts was shared with the membership.

Dave Kielty/Sergeant At Arms: Dave was introduced as the new Sergeant At Arms.

Virgil Miller/Webmaster: Nothing new to present.

Adrian Medina/Social Media:  If you don’t do Facebook, try it.

Danny Ellison/Events –  The Loading Chute Fun Run raised $135 for the Christmas party.  The fund now has a total of $1,246 in it.  The Summer Solstice event raised $305, $67 from The Pizza Press and $241 from The Habit Burger Grill.

The following events are coming up:

7/11/19 – Chuy’s Cruise-in.  Will have root beer floats.

7/13/19 – Greenhorn Grill with a stop in Glennville and wrap up at Rosemary’s Family Creamery in Bakersfield.

7/17/19 – Corvette Owner’s Breakfast at The Links at Riverlakes Ranch.

7/26/19 – The Firehouse/Rosedale Station.  A night of car camaraderie.

9/28 & 29/19 – Annual Paso Robles Wine Run.  Information for signing up and making reservations is on the website.

MyCorvette facebook page is a private facebook page for club members only.  If you haven’t checked it out or joined it, please do so.

Virgil displayed one of the new portable banners that was purchased for the club.

Vettes 4 Vets Car Show – Flyers have been printed for the event.  There are several versions available:  trophy sponsor, sponsor application, vendor application and a thank you/receipt for donation version.

Annie Bailey said she will get donations for goodie bags if we decide to do them.

Michael Rouw received a 58” TV donated by Banducci’s Family Pumpkin Patch for the upcoming car show.

New Business – Larry Young presented Bob Vella with a fuel pump trophy as a gift from the club for all his work as president. 

Reminder that Annie Bailey is responsible for snacks next month and Dale Frye has prizes.

Larry Young thanked everyone for their votes and for attending the meeting tonight.

Cher Silliman shared that the Pederson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is hosting a Zora Duntov Tribute Weekend 7/27-7/28/2019.  More information can be found online.

John Silliman reminded everyone that there will be a Camarillo Run on 8/17/2019 to the Outlet mall in Camarillo.

Danny Ellison advised that on 7/18/2019 at 7:10PM Three-Way Chevrolet will be live streaming the C8 reveal.  Wylon is the Three-Way contact.

8:00 PM  Meeting adjourned.

Minutes provided by Club Secretary, Kim Miller

General Meeting – June 2019

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Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

6/11/2019 at Three Way Chevrolet

6:37 P.M.  Meeting called to order

42 members in attendance.  3 Guests

President, Bob Vella –Thank you to our sponsor, 3 Way Chevrolet, for sponsoring us and allowing us to meet in the current room.

Flag Salute – Led by John Silliman. Held a moment of silence for the loss of Don Slauson and Charlene Neri, the daughter of member Gary Hurst.

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Shared by Bob Vella

Prizes & Refreshments:  The Brotts brought the prizes and Dale Frye and Annie Bailey provided refreshments.

Getting To Know You:  Shirley Nicholas Vella

Minutes – Denise Hollister motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Kathy Gallego made a second.  Motion passed.

Larry Young/First Vice-President:  Not here.

Dick Compton/Second Vice-President:  Talked to Mike Thomas of 3-Way Chevrolet about Sponsorship for the car show.  Thomas will get back to us.

Kim Miller/Secretary:  Nothing to share

Betsy Slauson/Membership – Not here.  Bob reminded everyone that July is membership renewal month.  Rate is $65/couple and $55/individual.

Carl Lange /Treasurer Report– Carl presented the monthly report indicating $18,628.75 total funds in the accounts.

John Silliman/Sergeant At Arms – Passed out a flyer by Tony Ennis as a Save The Date for the Wine Run in the Fall.

Virgil Miller/Webmaster – Nothing new to present.

Adrian Medina/Newsletter – The Event Chronicles is on the website and has been updated.

Danny Ellison/Events –  Another $240 was gained at the Seven Oaks Brunch for the Christmas Party Fund.  The fund now has a total of $1,111 in it.

Reminder that on the first Thursday of every month the club has committed to representation at Chuy’s Cruise-in.  The first Thursday of next month is the 4th of July.  No one will be attending.  We will move our participation to the second Thursday, July 11th.

On Thursday 6/19/2019 8:00AM the Corvette’s Owner Breakfast will be held at Links at RiverLakes Ranch Clubhouse.  The menu includes a full breakfast.

Summer Solstice will be celebrated on 6/21/2019 at The Habit at Brimhall Rd/Allen Rd.  A flyer has been posted on the website and emailed to members with a bar code.  Use this bar code when you place your order and the club will get 20% of the sale.  Share this flyer with family, friends or anyone else who may go to The Habit on 6/21.

Veterans Charity Car Show – Virgil Miller told us we need more volunteers in order to put on this car show.  The sign-up sheet was passed around again.  The Olive Drab Car Club will be helping us with parking.  It was suggested we contact and possibly get help from the Sheriff’s Office and Bakersfield Police Department Explorers.   Virgil also made a push for assistance obtaining raffle prizes and sponsors.

New Business/Bob Vella – Bob relayed his appreciation for club members who helped make his time as President enjoyable.  Next month Tony Ennis is responsible for snacks and Chevy Garza will bring prizes.

Ballots were passed out and returned for counting.  While tabulations were taking place, a couple of videos of events from the past month were shown.

The vote resulted in the following for 2019/2020 Board of Directors:

President – Larry Young

Vice-President – Bill Dean

Secretary – Kim Miller

Treasurer – Carl Lange

Sergeant At Arms – David Kielty

Membership – Betsy Slauson

Webmaster – Virgil Miller

Social Media/Chronicles – Adrian Medina

Events – Open

Public Relations – Open

Meeting adjourned at 7:52 PM

Minutes provided by club secretary, Kim Miller