This event was a first for COB. Our president, Larry Young, graciously offered his shop to the membership to bring their Corvettes over to do some minor repairs. First he moved out his wonderful collection of Sunbeam Tigers and his partner’s Triumph TR7. That freed up three bays for the participants to work on their cars. One bay had a car lift which allowed us to get underneath and examine what was really under there. One by one we lifted up the car‘s to do some minor repairs or just to look and see what needed to be done. For instance, my car needed to have the front splitter repositioned after a minor bump pulled the bumper skin tabs out of its slots. Virgil made a very detailed examination of what gaskets needed to be replaced on his ‘54 C1. Note the excellent job of using speaker wire to secure his tail pipe. Don did extremely good job of polishing his car and wheels and Terri discovered the source of an assortment of noises underneath her beautiful ‘65 C2. She also got her engine timing adjusted. Annie had her interior trim worked on and Mark had his engine scanned for error codes. Chris Espitia did an excellent job of buffing Annie’s car and used his mighty muscles to take the lugnuts off of Terri’s Vette. We all hung around and looked at each other‘s vehicles and gave our expert opinions. We also enjoyed some coffee and donuts (thanks Larry) and some fruit salad supplied by Annie. There may even have been a can of beer here and there. Many thanks to master mechanic David Kielty for helping all of us and doing a majority of the work involved. Again, thanks to Larry for offering the use of his shop. It was a fun and fruitful event and we look forward to doing it again.

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