Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

7/3/2018 at Broken Yolk/E Brundage Ln

18:00 Meeting called to order

Present: Bob Vella, Larry Young, Dick Compton, Carl Lange, Virgil & Kim Miller, Don & Betsy Slauson, Greg Brott, and Danny Ellison.

Absent: Adrian Medina

Guest: Zelma Frankhouser, Non-Profit Consultant

Zelma was asked to join us to clarify our non-profit status. She recommended that we keep our 501(c)7 status and add a 501(c)3. See attached recommendations from Zelma Frankhouser. Both 501(c)7 and 501(c)3 would have the same board members, different bank accounts ($275 to start new one) and a different set of by-laws. If we do a raffle, it would have to be under the 501(c)3. The two sets of by-laws need to match with respect to term limits or accounting year. We need to establish a physical address for the new entity. Carl suggested using his address because most of the banking and accounting correspondence already goes there. This can be updated as needed with changes of board members.

Betsy moved to add a 501(c)3 arm to our non-profit status. Dick seconded to motion. Motion passed.

Need to apply for EIN. We have to be incorporated. We also need to be registered as a 501(c)3 for one year then in August 2019 we can file for a Nonprofit Raffle permit to legally hold raffles.

Carl suggested the club hire a CPA to review our accounting to protect the organization. Names and costs will be brought to the board in the future. Carl also suggested Zelma assist with grant writing for $25/hour. This could assist us with our charity work.

It was suggested that the club pay for the Boards’ monthly dinner. This was voted down. We will do away with 50/50 drawings at the general meeting. In lieu of a raffle, a door prize ticket will be given to each member in attendance at our general meetings for a chance to win a door prize.

Betsy will make a member/guest list to check off attendees at each meeting to keep track of who attends our meetings.

While Zelma is still on retainer, it was suggested we review our by-laws and have her update and align the two entities.

7/24/2018 – Kern Raceway Event. Will promote to the membership.

Window Decals – membership benefit. Have run out of the last ones that were ordered. Want to go with clear with white lettering that sticks to the outside. Virgil found some at a reasonable price. He will buy with a credit card and be reimbursed. He will take to club at the next meeting.

Carl requested a different location for the board meetings. Next board meeting will be at Lorene’s downtown.

Meeting adjourned at 19:46.