Trunk or Treat at the Firehouse Rosedale Station

Trunk or Treat at the Firehouse Rosedale Station

Corvettes of Bakersfield participated in the Trunk or Treat event at the Firehouse Rosedale Station this evening and saw some humongous crowds of kids and families who came to trick-or-treat. At least 17 Corvettes and one member’s NSX attended. John and Cher also brought their fire truck and their beautiful dalmatian who loves to pose and take pictures with the kids.  The kids looked cute and adorable in their Halloween costumes and many of them politely took just one candy from the bowls provided. Monster music was provided by the inimitable Lugnut Larry.

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Brunch of Corvettes at the Crest RV Resort 2019

Brunch of Corvettes at the Crest RV Resort 2019

We had another very successful and well attended Corvettes of Bakersfield Brunch of Corvettes at the Crest Bar and Grill at the Crest RV resort on Wible Road in Bakersfield. Approximately 35 members attended and 18 Corvettes were displayed in the beautiful RV grounds of the resort. It was a gorgeous day to eat in the patio and everyone was in good spirits and enjoying the camaraderie of good friends getting together and having a great meal.

If you haven’t eaten the Crest Bar and Grill, you are missing out of one of Bakersfield’s best kept secrets in dining. The food is delicious and the drinks are plenty powerful and come in large glasses. The wait staff was extremely friendly and efficient and took care of all our needs. The Corvettes of Bakersfield has been here several times in the past and we will make it a point to come again soon.

Congratulations to Carol Brott for winning our 50/50 drawing of $120.00. Many thanks to Chris Espitia and Liz Zaninovich for putting on this great event.

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Prescott, Arizona All Corvette Car Show

Prescott, Arizona All Corvette Car Show

By Don Allen

13th Annual Historic Prescott All Corvette Car Show 

October 10-14, 2019

A group of five Corvettes and ten COB members recently traveled to Prescott, AR and entered the Annual All Corvette Car Show hosted by the Prescott Vette Sette. We met at the Shell station at Comanche and Hwy 58 and traveled to Peggy Sue’s just outside Barstow for lunch at the 50s style nostalgic diner. From there we traveled on to Laughlin experiencing a short stretch of old Route 66.

The next morning we set out for Prescott with a quick stopover in Kingman to visit the Arizona Route 66 Museum and shop for souvenirs at the Powerhouse Visitors Center. The museum features several displays of vehicles, clothing, and artifacts to demonstrate the many challenges early travelers faced during their journey west. A small movie theater features a video of the history of Route 66 in Arizona from a dirt trail to the final I-40 bypass.

Our stay at the Hotel St. Michael in Prescott was a special experience. Rumored to be haunted, it was built before automobile and featured an old Otis traction elevator, the hotel reminded us of traveling in days past. The elevator was quite the experience, especially when it failed on our last day providing us an opportunity to exercise and tote our luggage down the stairs.

The three day event kicked off Friday evening with a Pub Crawl through historic Whiskey Row which included taverns, night clubs and fine eating establishments; several with live bands. Thank goodness we didn’t have to buy an adult beverage at each place or we would have been crawling for sure.

On Saturday, 275 Corvettes were on display around the courthouse square and COB cars were staged front and center on Whiskey Row. While we didn’t take home any trophies, we did hear lots of compliments.

We all got up early on Sunday for the poker run only to discover that Larry’s C7 had been damaged sometime overnight in the parking garage. Someone left a note saying that a truck had cracked the right front fender and left. It didn’t take a keen eye to figure out the note writer and the culprit had probably stayed at one of taverns too late. Hopefully the Prescott PD can find the truck’s driver so Larry won’t be out the deductible.

The “See Why We Love Prescott” poker run was designed to show off the many wonderful sights and beautiful areas in and around Prescott. Unfortunately some of the roads were more challenging than the Vette Sette originally intended and Bill’s C6 suffered some bruises to the side skirts. Lesson learned for next year’s run: Always pre-run the poker route as close to event day as possible in a Corvette. Chris and Liz got to celebrate as they won the prize with three aces.

Next we were headed back to Laughlin and at Danny’s request, we took the high road (5242 ft elevation) and traveled 87 miles on old Route 66 between Seligman and Kingman. Every May, this road is part of the annual Route 66 Fun Run which drew nearly 800 cars of all kinds in 2019. Danny wanted to scope out the venue for a potential future COB event. The group stopped for dinner at the Mojave Steakhouse (a local favorite) in Bullhead City. After a great steak, we enjoyed a night of relaxing for some and gambling for others in Laughlin.

On Columbus Day we set out for home with a quick photo-op at the High Sierra Oasis, an old Route 66 stop near I-40 and then lunch at Penny’s Diner in Barstow, a 50s décor café in what appears to simulate a railroad car. We had a wonderful holiday weekend, we saw some great scenery, ate some awesome food, and shared lots of laughs.

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Harris Ranch/Coalinga Run 2019

Harris Ranch/Coalinga Run 2019

John and Cher did it again! They organized a simple run that turned out to be a great event. 

We started off on a very chilly morning at 7:30 and we’re on the road by 8 AM with 14 Corvettes and 2 “tin” cars. We hit all the quiet, farm back roads on the way up to Blackwell’s corner on Highway 33 and 46. These are not very heavily traveled roads, but they were awfully dusty as harvesting was going on in the orchards along the way. After our dusty and curvey drive, we reached Blackwells corners and enjoyed the quirky memorabilia and treats they had to offer. The store is almost a destination in itself as it the last place that the famous actor, James Dean, was seen alive before his crash in Cholame, California. Inside that huge store are bunch of snacks, homemade chocolate candy and sandwiches to enjoy on the long drives. Inside, also, is a tribute to the dustbowl travelers known as Okies that migrated to California as well as James Dean memorabilia.

As we left Blackwell’s Corner, we,headed  down the back roads towards Coalinga, California. Coalinga was originally a Coaling station for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company named Coaling Station A where steam locomotives would stop to load up on coal mined from the foothills up north. While in Coalinga we had our Corvette’s pictures taken in a vintage Richfield service station at the R. C. Baker Automotive Museum. Inside the museum we saw many artifacts, tools and even fossils of life in Coalinga and surrounding areas. What is really neat is that many of the antiques were donated by residents of Coalinga.

After leaving Coalinga, we headed for Harris Ranch, famous for its legendary beef and hospitality. The restaurant offers casual and fine dining and sells fruits, nuts and bakery goods from the Harris Ranch Farms. We had a great time amongst our Corvette family to go with our delicious meal. Congratulations to Matt Collins who won our 50-50 cash raffle. As we broke up to head for home, a few of us made a trip to Tachi Palace Casino in Lemoore, California. Others decided to go to Hanford for some ice cream at Superior Creamery. We had a very eventful and enjoyable day.

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