General Minutes – November 2018

Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

11/13/2018 at Three Way Chevrolet

6:36 P.M.  Meeting called to order

32 members in attendance.

Flag Salute – Led by Danny Ellison

Guests:  None

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Shared by Bob Vella

Special Guest – Three-Way Chevrolet sponsor representative and COB member, Robert Villanueva gave an update on corvettes in stock and some definitions of corvette options. You can find current corvette inventory through the COB website.

Getting To Know You:  Spotlight on Dave Kielty

Minutes – Larry Young motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Liz Zaninovich made a second.  Motion passed.

Board of Director Reports

Bob Vella/President – No Board Meeting or General Meeting in December. January Board moved to January 3rd, 2019. John Silliman is now Sergeant at Arms.

Larry Young/First Vice President – Happy for good turnouts at recent events.

Treasurer Report – Shown on PowerPoint.  General Account $16,368.83. Events Account $6,196.13. Total $22,564.96. Will prepare budgets for future events as they occur.

Events – Danny Ellison will take over the position of events coordinator. Bob showed videos made by Greg Brott of Trunk or Treats, Brunch of Corvettes at KC Steakhouse, and Veterans Parade.

COB Breakfast November 21st at Panera on California Ave at 7:30 AM. Kern River Valley Christmas Parade needs cars. Contact COB member Ray Thurm.

Christmas Parade – A drawing for Christmas parade corvettes was done and the following cars were selected: C1-Virgil & Kim Miller, C2-Terri Romanoff, C4- Annie Bailey, C5- Michael Rowe, C6- Dale & Trudy Frye, C7- Bob Vella, Mark Pucilowski, Greg Brott, Dave Kielty, Tom Jones, and Robert Villanueva. We may need to provide more cars for parade dignitaries. Virgil Miller volunteered to give Grand Marshall, Kevin Harvick a ride.

Christmas Party – Since the homeless shelter did not participate in our donation offer the COB board voted to use the money to reduce the price of the Christmas Party by further supplementing the cost. The room erupted in applause. Linda McNitt is donating the liquor for the Christmas party. Thank you, Linda! It was suggested that we sell drink tickets, rather than have the bartender collect money. The professional bartender will be volunteering his time, so please tip generously. We will be collecting toys at the party for the Toys for Tots. Bring a new unwrapped toy. Also, don’t forget to bring a gift for the fun gift exchange.

Toy Run – December 9th, 2018 (Optional) Beach Park to Fairgrounds.

2019 Events – Danny Ellison presented the ideas he sent to everyone in an email for everyone to review. He is looking for suggestions and volunteers to run those events. Danny also apologized for exposing member’s emails, but now knows how to do it correctly. The club planning meeting is scheduled for February 3rd, 2019 at Tony’s Firehouse at 2:00 PM.

501(c)3 status – Carl and Bob met with Zelma.  The Federal process is done. The State paperwork has been filed. We should be completely done by January. The board has spent about $2,000.00 which includes all the fees and a required four-hour training course for the board members.

Dale & Trudy Frye/Bakersfield Car Council – If we have dates for our possible car show they should be submitted as soon as we can, so they get on the council calendar, which protects the date from other local clubs.

Meeting adjourned at 7:48 PM.

Minutes provided by Virgil Miller

General Minutes – October 2018

Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting


10/9/2018 at Three Way Chevrolet


6:37 P.M.  Meeting called to order

39 members in attendance.


Flag Salute led by Greg Brott

Guests:  None

Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Shared by Bob Vella

Getting To Know You:  Spotlight on Trudy Frye


Minutes – Trudy Frye motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Denise Hollister made a second.  Motion passed.


Board of Director Reports

Dick Compton/Second Vice President – Encouraged participation in upcoming events.


Treasurer Report – Shown on PowerPoint.  $10,000 will be given away on Saturday at the Charity Luncheon at the Gallego’s home.  They need four members to help set up.  It is requested that all COB members show up a little early.


Betsy Slauson/Membership – There were 119 members that renewed, 32 didn’t and there were 18 new members that joined the club.  One member passed away.  The club has a lot of new decals available at $1.00 each.


Greg Brott/Events

Fun Run/Visalia  Twelve corvettes participated. Greg showed a video.

Wine Run/Paso Robles  Event is this weekend. Wishing those who are going a good time.

Christmas Parade We are submitted for 10 cars

Trunk or Treats  At Chuy’s on Rosedale Hwy on 10/25/2018.  Everyone is welcome

Brunch of Corvettes  KC Steakhouse on 10/28/2018

2019 National Caravan  A link will be put on the COB website

Veteran’s Day  Parade  11/12/2018   no updates


Bob Vella/President – President’s run has been postponed.  Contemplating replacing with a Beer Tasting and Pub Crawl in Bakersfield.  There was a lot of interest from the meeting attendees.


501(c)3 status – Carl and Bob met with Zelma.  The process is moving ahead and looking good.


Dale & Trudy Frye/Bakersfield Car Council – Their Super Cruz is the same weekend as Streets of Bakersfield.  Advised members not to get confused when they see/hear advertising.  There are two separate shows.  Toys For Tots are soliciting to help groups.  There is a new gal running it.  It was suggested to have Toys For Tots and a Marine at our club Christmas Party.


Greg Brott announced his resignation from the Board of Directors as of 12/31/2018.


January Planning Meeting – 2/3/2019 at Tony’s Pizza


COB Christmas Party  – 12/8/2018 at the Brighton Park Clubhouse  $35/person


501(c)3 – With this new status, it was proposed that we create a new board position,  Member At Large.  The purpose of this member would be to go out to other events/mixers and spread the word of Corvettes of Bakersfield, get our name out there.  If interested, contact Bob.


Ceramic Coating – Drawing will be done at the Charity Luncheon on 10/13/2018.


Meeting adjourned at 7:47 PM.

Board Minutes – October 2018

Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting


10/2/2018 at Lorene’s on 23rd St.


6:05PM  Meeting called to order.


Present:  Bob Vella, Greg Brott, Dick Compton, Virgil & Kim Miller, Don & Betsy Slauson, and Danny Ellison.


Absent:  Carl Lange and Larry Young


By-laws – Discussion about the new by-laws ensued, specifically the following:

Article 2 Section 5 – Place of Meeting.  Next meeting to be stated at the end of the agenda.

Section 7 – Annual Report.  What is the report to include?  Who is to prepare the report?  These need to be clarified and included in the by-laws.

Section 10 –  Quorum.  A quorum shall consist of a majority or the board of directors, or five of the nine members.

          Article 4 Section 2 – Term of Officer.  Change to one (1) year.  Each position should be defined.

Article 6, Section 2 – Checks and Notes.  Change the language to include electronic checks.  Two signatures should still be required when the amount is over $3,000, otherwise one signature is sufficient.


Charity Liaison – Suggestion and discussion about adding a new board position to deal with public relations.  Subject will be presented at the General Meeting next week.


Payless Storage – Carl can’t get a copy of contract from the storage company without Ed Combs’ signature.


Brunch of Corvettes – To be held on October 28, 2018 at KC Steakhouse.  Betsy moved to have the club pay for security, Greg seconded the motion, motion passed.


Christmas Party – It was decided to keep the member cost of the event at $35 per person.  Greg moved  that the club pick up whatever the difference is between member income and the expense for the event, Dick seconded  the motion, motion passed.


Refund Policy – Virgil wrote up and shared a paragraph regarding club refunds.  It was suggested that the verbiage be added to the club’s forms in the future.  An electronic copy of the verbiage will be sent to the board of directors. It reads as follows:


Event Refund Policy


To be considered for a full refund, your refund request must be submitted in writing prior to the event’s registration deadline. Refund request received after the deadline has passed may only be considered for a partial refund, as our club makes commitments with event vendors. All refunds are at organizer’s discretion as to whether any refund may be issued.


No Refunds


We do not grant refunds for this event. You can still contact the organizer with questions.



Wine Run –  Thirty-two (32) people have signed up and we are looking forward to a good time.


Treasure Report – provided by Bob in Carl’s place.


Survey Monkey – Greg suggested and volunteered to put out a Survey Monkey under the President’s name to past members who did not renew their membership to ascertain the reason for not renewing.


Veteran’s Day Parade – Talked to Tony Ennis on the phone.  The club is signed up for the parade and there will be further discussion at the General Membership meeting.


Resignation – Greg Brott presented his resignation from the Board of Directors effective 12/31/2018.


Meeting adjourned at 7:48 PM.