Board Minutes – August 2018

Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting


8/7/2018 at Lorene’s on 23rd St.


18:17  Meeting called to order

Present:  Bob Vella, Larry Young, Dick Compton, Virgil & Kim Miller, Don & Betsy Slauson, and Danny Ellison.

Absent:  Adrian Medina, Carl Lange and Greg Brott


Membership – Bob gave Betsy a stack of new membership applications.  Betsy gave Bob a list of those that have not renewed their membership.  Bob will contact each of them and find out their reasoning.  It was suggested that the by-laws be reviewed for the rules on late membership and make any needed revisions.  Eleven (11) new members have joined since last month.


Ventura Run – Looking at the pre-signups, it looks like there is going to be a good turnout.


Treasurer’s Report – on hold until Carl returns.


Hold off on donations until Bob talks to Zelma to find out the status of the 501(C)3.


Bob requested that Carl have access to WordPress.  Virgil will take care of it.


The windshield stickers have been received and will be given out, two to each renewing member.  After that, there will be a nominal charge of $1 each.


2019 Show – Are we going to produce any type of car show in 2019?  After discussion, it was decided that we can’t move forward on this until the 501(C)3 status is in place.


Club Gathering – Virgil and Greg (in abstancia) brought up the idea of having an event with as many members, and their vehicles, as possible to take a group photo, possibly using a drone.  Hart Park in October was suggested.  There was discussion but nothing definitive was established.


Newsletter – Bylaws state that we have one.  What happened?  Some said Adrian is not aware that he is a board member.  A past newsletter was reviewed and Betsy showed the board one from the Orange County club.  Both were nicely done and work intensive.  Bob will speak with Adrian about the future of a newsletter.  No action at this time.


Bylaws – Zelma is working on an update of our bylaws in addition to an additional set of bylaws for the 501(C)3 arm of our status.


Bob called Zelma at 19:14 and put her on speaker phone.  She advised the filing won’t be ready by October to do the usual donations to public charities.  She suggested that we set some of our moneys aside now for donations.  Articles of Incorporation will take at least a month to establish.


Bob asked Zelma to attend the general meeting on Tuesday, 8/14/2018, to address any concerns the membership may have regarding the 501(C)7 and 501(C)3 statuses.  She will be there at 19:00.


Meeting adjourned at 19:30.

General Minutes – August 2018

Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting


8/14/2018 at Three Way Chevrolet


6:38 P.M.  Meeting called to order

37 members in attendance.

Flag Salute led by Danny Ellison, Sergeant At Arms


Minutes – Larry Young motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Denise Hollister made a second.  Motion passed.


Guests – there were three potential new members in attendance, Mark and Cynthia Newton and Ron Burrow.  Zelma Frankhouser and her husband were also in attendance.


Old Business – President Bob Vella invited Zelma Frankhouser to the meeting to update the membership on the progress of our tax status modification.  Several members had questions regarding the non-profit status/update. Currently the club is a 501(c)7, the purpose of which is to have fun.  There is no tax write off to those that want to make donations to us or for members that want to write off club-related expenses. We can do anything with our money that is club related.

Zelma is in the process of adding 501(c)3 to the club’s status.  This will be an “arm” to our current status and will put us in full compliance with the IRS and the State of California. The 501(c)3 will allow us to make donations to others and be a tax deduction for others.  We will open another bank account for the 501(c)3 as Corvettes of Bakersfield Charity and the 501(c)7 account will be known as Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Zelma is also applying for a raffle certification under our 501(c)7 status.  This can only be done in August and is only good for one (1) year.  Once we have the 501(c)3 status, we will add the raffle certification when we can.

Ultimately, we will be running both non-profits simultaneously, the current 501(c)7 will remain for member activities and the 501(c)3 will be our charitable “arm.”


New Business


  • VP Report Larry shared a trivia game with the members: 25 Things Everyone Should Know About Corvettes.


  • Sergeant At Arms Danny reminded everyone that when we have runs, everyone needs to sign in on the log sheet for insurance purposes.  Danny also said that he is putting together some weekday lunch runs.  Recently a couple members went to Stallion Springs for lunch and enjoyed the experience.  More information to follow.


  • Treasurer Report Carl advised the current funds total $26,088.88.  Approximately $6,500 for events and $19,500 in the general fund.  In August, a contribution was received from 3-Way Chevrolet.  A question was asked about figures from the Gambler’s Classic.  Carl advised approximately $3,500 was made.


  • Membership Report Betsy advised that the membership deadline has passed.  She also passed out new membership cards and decals.  Make sure you sign in at each meeting.


  • Public Relations Bob Vella advised that, with the help of Zelma, we have the opportunity/option of using grants to supplement our charity goals.  Adrian reminded everyone about our Facebook page and that it displays a lot of fun about the club.  Greg said the Pine Mountain Run was enjoyed by all that participated.  A photo show of the day was shown.


  • Wine Run Tony Ennis advised everything is in order.  Reservations have been secured at Best Way Inn in Paso Robles for $140/night.  Registration for the event is $55/person for three wineries.  It is requested that everyone bring a raffle prize and lawn chair.  If your registration is paid by 9/24/2018, you will be eligible for a drawing at each winery.


  • October Charity Give-Away Bob Vella reminded members that we had voted last month for five charities to receive our annual donations.  They were Valley Fever of Kern County, Bakersfield Homeless Shelter, BARC, Unity Thrift and Kern County Search and Rescue.  Discussion followed that we might want to increase the number of charities to benefit from COB since our current funds would allow it.  A request for other possible charities to be considered was made and the following were suggested:  ALS Foundation, the new children wing at Memorial Hospital (Lauren Small Children’s Center), Alzheimer’s Association, Wounded Heroes, Cathey’s K-9 Rescue, Ronald McDonald House, Kern County Burn Survivor’s Trust, Bakersfield Firefighter’s Burn Foundation, Valley Burn Center, Marley’s Mutts, Arthritis Foundation, Valley Children’s Hospital and the 999 Foundation.


Tom Jones made a motion that we select ten (10) groups and pay $1,000 to each of them.  Betsy Slauson seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Since we had already selected five last month, Bob said a vote will be cast next month, by those in attendance, for additional charitable groups.  It was suggested that the vote be for three of the thirteen newly recommended groups.  The top five to receive votes will be added to the previous five for the ten charities we will donate to in October.


Club Shirts   Wall Street Imprintables on E. Brundage no longer has the previously used button-down shirts for our club logo.  They are going to do a run on the polo shirt by the of the month.  Contact them ASAP if you still want to purchase a shirt.


Meeting adjourned at 8:35 P.M.



Board Minutes – July 2018

Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

7/3/2018 at Broken Yolk/E Brundage Ln

18:00 Meeting called to order

Present: Bob Vella, Larry Young, Dick Compton, Carl Lange, Virgil & Kim Miller, Don & Betsy Slauson, Greg Brott, and Danny Ellison.

Absent: Adrian Medina

Guest: Zelma Frankhouser, Non-Profit Consultant

Zelma was asked to join us to clarify our non-profit status. She recommended that we keep our 501(c)7 status and add a 501(c)3. See attached recommendations from Zelma Frankhouser. Both 501(c)7 and 501(c)3 would have the same board members, different bank accounts ($275 to start new one) and a different set of by-laws. If we do a raffle, it would have to be under the 501(c)3. The two sets of by-laws need to match with respect to term limits or accounting year. We need to establish a physical address for the new entity. Carl suggested using his address because most of the banking and accounting correspondence already goes there. This can be updated as needed with changes of board members.

Betsy moved to add a 501(c)3 arm to our non-profit status. Dick seconded to motion. Motion passed.

Need to apply for EIN. We have to be incorporated. We also need to be registered as a 501(c)3 for one year then in August 2019 we can file for a Nonprofit Raffle permit to legally hold raffles.

Carl suggested the club hire a CPA to review our accounting to protect the organization. Names and costs will be brought to the board in the future. Carl also suggested Zelma assist with grant writing for $25/hour. This could assist us with our charity work.

It was suggested that the club pay for the Boards’ monthly dinner. This was voted down. We will do away with 50/50 drawings at the general meeting. In lieu of a raffle, a door prize ticket will be given to each member in attendance at our general meetings for a chance to win a door prize.

Betsy will make a member/guest list to check off attendees at each meeting to keep track of who attends our meetings.

While Zelma is still on retainer, it was suggested we review our by-laws and have her update and align the two entities.

7/24/2018 – Kern Raceway Event. Will promote to the membership.

Window Decals – membership benefit. Have run out of the last ones that were ordered. Want to go with clear with white lettering that sticks to the outside. Virgil found some at a reasonable price. He will buy with a credit card and be reimbursed. He will take to club at the next meeting.

Carl requested a different location for the board meetings. Next board meeting will be at Lorene’s downtown.

Meeting adjourned at 19:46.

General Minutes – July 2018

Corvettes of Bakersfield, Inc.

General Meeting

7/10/2018 at Three Way Chevrolet

18:37 Meeting called to order

32 members in attendance with three guests

Flag Salute led by Danny Ellison

Minutes – Larry Young motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting. Donna Ellison made a second. Motion passed.

Guests – there were three potential new members in attendance.

Old Business – Nothing

New Business

The 2018/2019 Board of Directors were installed at the BOD meeting last week.
NCCC There was an increase in the number that attended the Gambler’s Classic. Last meeting there were questions as to the benefit of NCCC. Greg Brott responded.

Streets of Bakersfield – The suggested non-profits to support and the number of votes received for each for 2018/19 are BARC (6), Bakersfield Homeless Center (6), Kern County Valley Fever (6), Unity Thrift (3), Wounded Heroes Fund (7) and Kern County Search and Rescue (1). Wounded Heroes Fund will be the organization we support for the 2019 Streets of Bakersfield. The remainder of the organizations will be considered in October for our other charitable donations.

VP Report – Larry provided information about Leland West Insurance and advised members to do their shopping.

Sergeant At Arms Report – Discussed name badges, the purpose and where/how to get them. Danny also reminded everyone of the Pine Mountain Run that is happening on Sunday.

Treasurer Report – Carl was not in attendance. Will review and address this at the next meeting.

Membership Report – Betsy advised that membership dues are past due. Dues can be paid online. Attendance needs to be taken at each meeting. A sign in sheet will be available to assist with this.

Webmaster Report – The website has been updated. It is requested that all members review the site.

Public Relations – Bob Vella discussed the club’s business cards. He also reported that the club received $138 for the event held at The Habit in June.
Bob advised that the Board of Directors has been reviewing the club status of 501C3 vs 501C7. We are going to have both. We will do some grant writing to help with donations.

Windshield Decals found a vendor where we can get 1,000 for $300. Larry Young made a motion to proceed with this purchase, Denise Collingsworth seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Club Shirts – Ralph brought up that other clubs have nice shirts that show unity. Discussion followed. Majority agreed on a red polo shirt as a club shirt. Further pricing will be explored.

Meeting adjourned at 20:04.